10 Great Tips For Moms With Newborn Babies

Great Tips For Moms With Newborn Babies
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Hugs to all moms with newborn babies! The newborn stage is challenging enough and can turn your life upside down. Recovering from childbirth, waking up delirious from sleep deprivation, and struggling with initial discomfort of breastfeeding is not easy.

Being a new mom can be devastating. You will need to adjust your schedule and meet the new demands of your young one. This can be stressful since newborns bring a whirlwind of activities.

Though newborns are a bundle of joy and bring excitement to your life, motherhood can be full of plenty of stress and fatigue.

Nevertheless, these 10 great tips for first-time mums will help you care for your new one with less stress.

Rest When Your Newborn Sleeps

One of the most important tips for new moms is resting when your baby sleeps. The process of labor and birth is very tiring, and resting and sleeping in the early days will help your body recover quickly.

When your baby sleeps, this is not the time to think of all the chores you could be doing. Instead, lie down, take deep breaths, and clear your thoughts. By resting, you will be refreshed when the baby wakes up, and you will be ready to attend to them.

Babies sleep in the first couple of weeks a lot, and you should take advantage of this and sleep when they sleep. Yes, go for those midday naps! At night, your baby might make you wake up like a hundred times. Chant to yourself that this will not last forever and handle your baby no matter what.

Make Deep Connections With Your Newborn

Having a strong bond with your newborn is the next big tip for new mommies. 

This is important as it affects the psychological and emotional health of your kid throughout their life. Make deep connections with your newborn by having plenty of skin to skin contact, responding to your baby’s needs and lots of eye contact.

Make sure you have eye contact with your kid during the breast. This is very feeding or feeding them. That physical closeness to your kid promotes an emotional connection. The attachment of kids should not only be to the moms only but also to the dad.

This emotional growth helps in the physical growth of your kid also. Gently stroking your baby in different patterns, cradling them, and skin to skin holding can work magic in developing that deep connection with your kid.

Learn Soothing Tricks

It’s hard to decipher what exactly the baby wants. By trial and error, you will eventually learn their needs in the first few weeks. A crying baby can drain you. In order to stay sane, learning some soothing tricks will save you.

Some of the soothing techniques that can help calm down and relax your baby include; swinging the baby, breastfeeding them, holding them in place, swaddling and shushing. You can also give your baby a warm bath or play them some play tunes.

Get And Ask For Help

Never turn down an offer of a helping hand from anyone who is nice. This is a great chance in your life to order everyone around. Raising a baby is hard work. You don’t have to go through it alone. Tell your husband, your family members, and your friends to help you out when things get busy.

When friends and loved ones offer to help, accept their offer, and don’t be afraid to let them know what you want. They can help in the laundry, washing the dishes or babysitting. Also, consult a pediatrician if anything worries you.

Take Care Of Yourself

Many new moms tend to look after their babies and forget to take care of themselves. With a baby to look after, it’s hard to find time for yourself. Nevertheless, you can carve out some time just for yourself, or else, you will find yourself emotionally depleted.

Do something you enjoy every day and make sure you still have fun. Get out of the house, eat a healthy diet, paint your nails, read a magazine, or even go for a walk.

Learn About Your Babies Needs

There are so many parenting books that every new mother should read. Books contain loads of information explaining clearly the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of the baby in every stage of their life.

Gaining knowledge of what your baby’s needs will be of great help during your parenthood. You will know what is normal and abnormal if the baby is behaving in a certain way. With knowledge, you can take care of your kid, confidently.

Plan Ahead

When it comes to babies, you never know what to expect. It is, therefore very important to plan ahead of time. If you are going to leave the house, make sure you are equipped with extra diapers, extra clothes, a towel, and a bottle of milk.

Planning ahead of time will make your work easier. For example, if you want your baby to bath, ensure you have everything you need after the bath. Set aside the clothes your baby will wear towels, wipes, and baby oil.

Listen To Your Baby’s Needs

Instead of forcing your baby on a schedule, it is good to listen to their needs. Let them eat when they are hungry because they might be starving before your two hours schedule is due. This is especially in the first week because your newborn may tend to eat more often.

Keep Your Baby Awake During Feeding

When your baby is eating slowly and sleepily, they may end up falling asleep without getting full. As a result, they will only sleep for a few minutes and wake up crying. Try and keep your baby awake when they are feeding. Babies with a full stomach tend to sleep for a longer period meaning you will have enough time to rest.


In the first few months, you will get a lot of visitors coming to see you and your baby. However, with time, visitors will slowly drop off, and you might get yourself feeling depressed or lonely. To avoid this, it’s good to go out to your friends too or invite them to your house.

These ten tips will equip you with the knowledge that will make your motherhood journey stress free and as enjoyable as possible.