CNS – Babies Getaway – The Ultimate Guide to Car Seat Rental

CNS Babies Getaway Guide to Car Seat Rental
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Traveling with all of your baby gear can be a challenge. Every parent knows and understands the feeling of being overwhelmed by carting gear around. The good news is you can often rent items you need at your destination. When it comes to car seat rental, there are some details you should be aware of.

In this guide, we share everything you need to know about renting a car seat.

Can You Rent a Car Seat from Car Rental Locations?

There are some car rental sites that offer rentals for car seats, but many don’t. Some of the biggest names in the rental industry only provide them on a limited basis. Some do not offer them at all unless it is required for their area. But there is no guarantee there will be a car seat available when you check in.

That being said, if your car rental provides a car seat and you reserve it in advance, then this should be a good indication you will have a car seat available when you pick up the car.

Safety of Car Seat Rental

Most parents are concerned about safety when it comes to something like this. The car seat is extremely important, and you need some assurance that it will be dependable for your little one. The concern with a rental is whether or not there is a policy or a disclosure about any car accidents the seat may have been in.

While it’s impossible to absolutely guarantee, most companies that offer rentals have set procedures in place for this type of circumstance. From baby gear rental companies to car rental companies, the disclosures specify that any seats that have been in an accident or that have been recalled by the manufacturer are immediately disposed of or recycled.

This practice is typically based on a policy by the NHTSA, but right now there are no federal laws that require it. It’s simply a best practice that should be done. If you are renting a car seat, be sure to check out their policy on this.

You can also look for some signs that might be indicators of misuse or incidents:

  • Visible cracks
  • Worn parts
  • Manufacturer expiration dates
  • Discoloration of materials

Choosing a Rental Car Seat

When it comes time to choose a car seat for your rental, there are likely multiple options available. Both car rental companies and baby gear rental providers typically offer various brands and styles to meet your needs. Browse the options and determine what best meets your needs.

You can likely find booster seats as well as both front- and rear-facing seat options. There will also be different brands, including popular names like Graco or Evenflo. The benefit is you get to choose what you need or prefer as long as it is available.

The prices may vary as well. This will be set by the company that is renting the car seat to you. Some companies have a maximum charge, and others simply charge a daily fee.

Car Seat Rental

Before you plan your car seat rental, check out the company and get to know the options. Make sure you understand the terms for the rental and do your due diligence about reliability and the options provided. It can be incredibly convenient to have these options available, and most of them are great to work with!