Best Extra Wide Baby Gates Of 2024

Best Extra Wide Baby Gates
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If you have kids that are learning to walk or enjoy their first days of walking, I bet you need to agree with me that this is the hardest time in their lives. This is because danger looms everywhere for them.

Parents and caretakers should always be careful but how will that be achieved? You need to ensure that the best extra wide baby gates are all that you need.

They will ensure that as you do your daily family chores, the kids will be playing safely at a place that you have secluded. Here are the best baby gates that can help you out.

Best Extra Wide Baby Gates Comparison Chart

ProductHeightWidthLatest Price
Toddleroo by North States36"Up to 48'' or 144"Check Price
Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate36''44'' to 72''Check Price
Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate28"Up to 192''Check Price
"Deluxe Décor Gate" by North States30"38.3" to 72"Check Price
Munchkin Easy Close XL Metal Baby Gate36"29.5" to 51.6"Check Price
Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate30"29" to 56''Check Price
Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate27"38" to 60"Check Price
Munchkin Extending XL Tall and Wide Hardware36"33" to 56''Check Price
Regalo 76-Inch Super Wide Metal Baby Gate31"28" to 76"Check Price
"Extra-Wide Swing Gate" by North States27"60'' to 103''

Check Price

Top 6 Extra Wide Baby Gates Of 2024

North States “3-in-1 Arched Décor Metal Superyard”


With this 3-in-1 extra wide baby gate, you are sure that your kid will be kept in safe and secure.

It has been designed with 2 panels and also 6 panels, meaning that it will act as an extra wide gate, can be used as a barrier around fires, or installed in making a play yard that is portable for the young one.

The joints are adjustable and rotate so that you have that freedom of choosing where you want to install it with peace of mind.

To make it better, the door that it has is self-closing and fitted with a child-proof double-locking system.

You can install it in a hexagon manner, making it serve you as a freestanding play yard for the kids. It is an extra large baby gate that you can’t compare with any other.

  • The panels are ease to put and remove, depending on the space that you want to generate.
  • Made with steel bronze and given a matte bronze finish which will give you exceptional richness.
  • It can be used with children that have an age range of 6-24 years.
  • It allows you to use your space the way that you want.
  • It is a free standing product that can stand anywhere that you need.
  • If you want to increase the size, you will be required to buy a 2-panel extension that is sold separately.

Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate

Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate

This is a 6-foot tall gate that has been designed with a walk through the gate. That is why it is an idea to be used on wide doorways and it will fit in pretty well.

After you have installed it with the use of the given hardware, you will be sure of having a gate that is securely in place.

Rated as a simple gate that has a one-handed walk through gate for parents to easily move from one room to another.

Finished with a stylish bronze metal so that it is able to complement any room décor that you want to install it.

  • Made with a soft scratch guard at the bottom so that your hardwood floors are not scratched.
  • You can use it between rooms so that you keep your kid’s safe.
  • It is also a good one to be used for double doorways and other extra wide openings.
  • You can walk easily through the gate by just the use of one hand.
  • It is also easy to install.
  • The latch system is not that strong enough and it feels like cheap plastic.

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Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate and Play Yard

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Gate and Play Yard

If you need an extra large baby gate that expands to fit your needs, you just got it. It is a gate that you can expand so that it is able to fit openings that are up to 192 inches.

The panels have been made in such a manner that they connect to the hinged posts. That also gives you a variety of shaping requirements that you need.

The walk through gate has been made with a double lock lever handle that will allow adults to pass through in an easy manner.

You can use it to make a play yard, fireplace, landing stairs, or agate that can be used in openings that are wide.

  • The safety lock has been made with an easy one-touch technology.
  • It is a 2-in-1 gate that can expand out to become a 192-inch wall.
  • Setting the gate up is one easy task.
  • The walk through design that is has been made with is adaptable with a safety locking feature.
  • Folds up easily for storage.
  • Plastic parts are not that strong enough because they break easily.

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Supergate Deluxe Décor Gate

Supergate Deluxe Décor Gate

For wide rooms in your home, you don’t have to get worried at all on how you are going to control your playful kid, this extra wide baby gate will just be your savior.

It has been made with a heavy duty metal and given a matte bronze finish so that it is able to fit and complement any room décor. 

You can decide on how to install it, either on a straight make or angled position. That is why busy parents are going to find it easy to use.

With the use of the stay-open feature, you are able to keep the gate fully open when you just need it to stay open. Installing it is one easy task and when you want to remove it, you can do that in an easy manner.

  • It has been designed with the best make to allow you to fit it well in your home.
  • The wide walk through gate will allow you to walk through the door easily.
  • Made with pivot points that will allow you to move the panels in an independent manner.
  • Detaching the item is one easy thing to do so that you get to store it.
  • The installation process is not that easy.
  • Does not come with installation hardware.

Munchkin Easy Close XL Metal Baby Gate


Never worry if you have stairs or wide openings, this is the kind of gate that has been made for you. With the strong steel material, you will be sure of being guaranteed of ultimate durability and strength.

You can use it anywhere you need in the home and it will be there to ensure safety of the children.

The gate stands at 36” tall hence able to fit openings 29.5” to 51.6” wide. Fitted with a 22” walkthrough door that will allow you to pass through an easy task.

You can also use a 3rd optional lock at the base if you need so that you are able to control the direction that the gate will open.

  • The walk through door is exceptional and its height is 36 inches to allow adults walk through.
  • It has a durable design that has been made from metal for durability.
  • The U-shape steel powerframe is vital in keeping the gate secured in place.
  • The pressure mounted system that it has does not damage the hardware.
  • The gate tends to buckle up at the joints making it unstable.

Regalo 58-Inch Extra WideSpan Walk Through Baby Gate


It has been made with an all steel construction that will install quickly and better. Taking it down is also one easy part.

When you buy it, it comes with four pressure mounts that are also adjustable. You can just tighten the tension wheel so that you are able to create a secure fit that is stable.

Door and hallway openings are not always the same that is why the item has been made to fit a variety of openings. Secure your kids in a style that will always make you be safe all the time.

  • Made with a walk-through door that is convenient.
  • Fitted with a one-touch safety release lock.
  • The pressure mount is an easy thing way of ensuring your installation is a breeze.
  • The all steel construction ensures that the product is durable.
  • The size of the gate can be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • The metal that has been used is a bit soft, it can bend.

Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

You can use this gate in doorways, the bottom of stairs, hallways, laundry rooms, kitchens, and even in playrooms.

It is a classic pressure mounted gate that is easy to install and will ensure that your home is never damaged.

What you also see here is a portable gate that can be good for those people that are always on the go.

You need up to a maximum of 5 minutes to get it installed and up for use.

  • It has been mounted with rubber bumpers that will secure your walls from any damage, maintain that clean look all that time.
  • It is 27 inches tall and can be able to expand from 38-60 inches’ wide.
  • It is lightweight and also portable.
  • You don’t need any tools when you are doing your installation.
  • The fabric that it has been made with easily comes off for cleaning.
  • Not a suitable gate to be used at the top of the stairs.

Munchkin Extending XL Tall and Wide Hardware Baby Gate

Munchkin Extending XL Tall and Wide Hardware Baby Gate

A gate that mounts quickly and is also totally safe is all that you need. This is one of the gates that is unique in every aspect.

For instance, you will find out that it has a tilt hinge that will help in absorbing the strain that the wall mount gets when the gate is opened.

This means that damage to your walls is always minimized at all costs. Adults will also find it easy opening the handle which is completely childproof.

  • It is able to accommodate openings that are up to 33-56 inches wide.
  • The gate slides in and out with an easy manner.
  • It can be used virtually anywhere in the homestead.
  • It opens in both ways but can be set to peon in only one direction to provide you extra security at the stairs.
  • The installation instructions are not that good to follow, it needs to have installation videos.

Regalo 76-Inch Super Wide Metal Baby Gate

The use of 100% steel frame will give you an easy time to use it and quick to install. The removable 24” panels in an accordion style.

This gives the gate that ability to fit well in shapes that are odd or openings that are angled.

You can configure your gate to fit various places, like fireplaces, a gate to take care of the super wide spaces or block of odd shaped openings in the home.

If you need, you can add more 24” openings to make it reach 12 feet wide.

  • Easy to install. You just need to install the mounting hardware and then slide the gate open.
  • It fits in many spaces with ease including odd shaped ones.
  • It has been made from steel, giving it a durable design.
  • It is a PVC free gate and certified for use.
  • If not well assembled and installed, the hinges can easily come off.

Supergate X Wide Swing Wood Gate by North States

Extra-Wide Swing Gate by North States

Securely block your doorways, hallways and other openings in a good way. It measures from 60-103 inches wide making it adjustable to fit various spaces in your home.

It has a sturdy wood construction with four-point steel hardware so that you install it well. Fitted with a safety latch that has a one hand operation that is easy to use. 

When you want to open the gate, ensure that you unlock the latch that locks the gate, raise the gate a bit and swing it open. When you want to store the gate, just unlock the latches and remove the gate in style.

  • You can operate it by just using one hand.
  • It has been made for natural wood that is non toxic.
  • It swings open both ways to make it an easy pass through for parents.
  • It comes with the necessary mounting hardware.
  • It is a bit flimsy.


Are the gates pressure mounted?

Most of these gates are pressure mounted and are the best because they will stay in place for a longer time and serve you better. At the same time, they will not spoil your walls.

Do these gates swing all the way open?

They open pretty well and even some open in a two way from so that parents can have an easy time moving from room to room. They also open with just the use of one hand.

Do they come with extensions?

Most people have always asked this kind of question. Yes, a majority of them have extensions but it depends which open area you want to use them on. If it is bigger than their width, you will have to buy.

Final Verdict

Safety for a kid is the priority and we all have to be there to ensure that kids grow up well without injuries. But we should not restrict them from playing.

We need to let them play but enclose them well to protect them from falling over the stairs or even falling over to places that are good.

The Best Extra Wide Baby Gates above are some of the best gates and they will always be there to ensure that your safety and that of the kids are taken care of. Make our choice and you will be happy.