Summer Infant Retractable Gate Review [A Detail Explanation]

Summer Infant Retractable Gate Review
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Have you ever stood in utmost helplessness as you watched your baby roll down the stairs?

Or just shifted your attention onto something different only for you to turn around and find your toddler in a room he/she should not be in? Maybe for you, it may not have been a baby but a mischievous pet that just cannot stay in one place.

Summer Infant Retractable Gate

I was constantly worried about all these effects until I found out about Summer Infant Retractable Gate.

Before then, my eight-month-old son crawled around the house, through the hallways, up and down the stairs, oblivious to how dangerous that was.

Severally I had to treat his bruises and there is even a time he broke his finger when he slipped and rolled down the stairs.

I tried ways of ensuring his safety but none was as efficient as the Summer Infant Retractable Gate.

Summer Infant Retractable Gate Is The Best For You, But Why?

After several attempts to avert the crisis I was facing with my son, none gave him sufficient protection. Some baby gates were either too complicated to install, or some were just hectic to operate whereas one could not just hold the pressure he exerted on them.

Actually, while shopping for a baby gate, one required me to purchase additional installation hardware in order to fix it! Summer Infant Retractable Gate is just unique in its own way due to these unique reasons:

Dual Lock System

This baby gate gives you peace of mind even when your baby is old enough to know how to open other baby gates. Summer Infant Retractable Gate has a dual lock system that only releases the barrier sheet after the lever is pressed in and turned in the right direction.

This is a feature only old enough kids will be able to operate and cannot accidentally be opened by your baby when they are simply playing around the baby gate.

Out of the way when not needed

Who wants to be blocked by a physical barrier even when it is not in use? Sometimes my baby is asleep or he is simply not in the house, then we do not need a barrier. We simply retract the mesh and the gate disappears like it was not there.

Other physical gates are permanently installed and you will need to open and close them every time you want to access some sections of the house. Summer Infant Retractable Gate is out of the way the moment you unlock the latch and allow it to retract back into its spool.

One Hand Operated

Summer Infant Retractable Gate is designed in such a way that it allows you to operate it with one hand. Such convenience is necessary when you have something in one of your hands. You do not have to put down your baby or any parcel you may have in order to open this baby gate.

As long as you release the lever and hold the handle at the correct angle of opening, the system will do its wonders all the way to the sheath.

Easy to Install

Before I choose Summer Infant Retractable Gate, I had used another baby gate before that was a real hustle to install. I had to call in for an extra hand to help in fixing it. Eventually, it ended up not working.

It was just a disappointment from the beginning. For the Summer Infant Retractable Gate, you only need a basic screwdriver, your hands and simply follow the easy instructions

Remember the safety of this baby gate is highly dependent on how correctly you install it. If you do it wrong, it will not give you the service you expect.

Key Features

  • Comes with the full installation hardware, no need to but anything.
  • Measures 50 inches wide by 30 inches tall.
  • Has a baseboard kit included for installation where there are baseboards?
  • Has a dual locking lever that is simple to operate and ensures maximum safety.
  • Beautifully made mesh that is appealing, strong and easy to clean.
  • Can be used between rooms, along the hallways, both at the bottom and top of stairs and staircases with an angle.
  • Saves on space unlike other ordinary gates.
  • High enough for the baby and low enough for adults to step over.
  • Friendly for kids above two years to operate.
  • plusIt is strong and secure for babies and pets.
  • plusCovers space down to the floor hence kids cannot pass under it.
  • plusEasily operated using one hand, where necessary you can use your foot to align the bottom part for easy movement and retracting of the mesh.
  • If the handle is released rather abruptly, the mesh may snap and it ends up not retracting fully into the spool.
  • Requires guidance on its way back to avoid uneven retraction.
  • Small pets can go under it if they manage to lift the mesh up.


Can the Summer Infant Retractable Gatebe install at an angle?

Yes, our stairs have three-angled steps at some point but we installed it at that point, it worked just fine.

Will I buy any extra hardware to install it?

Absolutely not, unlike some other baby gates, Summer Infant Retractable Gate comes with all the necessary installation hardware. Even if your wall has a trim, the trim version can still be installed although with additional help.

Can the Summer Infant Retractable Gatebe use outdoor?

This baby gate is not weather treated, extended outdoor use may make it wear out fast or lose its look because it is not UV treated. It is best suited for indoor use.

Final Verdict

When babies learn how to move, they are normally very energetic and want to move about pretty fast. It becomes difficult to monitor them and at the same time handle other duties in the house. Having a gate that is there when needed and guarantees the security of the baby is the ultimate solution for every parent.

For me, Summer Infant Retractable Gate has solved my worries because it provides the safety I want for my baby using limited space and simply disappears when it is not in use.

I like the fact that this baby gate is strong enough to hold him back but does not limit my movement around the house. It is just selectively functional because it serves the purpose for which I bought it without bringing inconveniences to occupants in the house.

I would recommend it any time for a parent who wants the maximum protection for their toddlers or for even those who want to keep their pets in one place of the house.