5 Best Baby Gates With Pet Door 2024 [Our Top Pick]

Best Baby Gates With Pet Door
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We all know that pets and toddlers are very playful, Right? Of course, that is their nature, they want to explore and go around. Keeping them away from dangerous places is not something easy.

So, it is time to baby-proof and pet-proof your house. The only structure which can help you is using the best baby gates with pet doors. Such structures will keep your toddlers and pets safe from dangerous places such as a fireplace.

You will love such a structure because it will let you keep your loved ones within their boundaries and you can do other things.

Best Baby Gates With Pet Door Comparison Chart

ProductHeightWidthLatest Price
Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate30.5"29" to 36.5"Check Price
Cumbor Auto Close Safety Baby Gate30.5"29.5" to 37.8"

Check Price
Flexi Gate Extra Tall with Pet Door38''Up to 76''Check Price
Carlson Flexi Configurable Walk Through Gate30"Up to 76''Check Price
Mini Metal Expandable Pet Door Gate18''26" to 42"Check Price

Things To Consider When Buying The Top Rated Baby Gates With Pet Door

If you want to choose the best baby gates with pet doors, then you need to consider the following factors;

Size Of Your Animals

Check the size of your pets that you wish to contain and the ones you want to give the freedom of getting in and out.

Simple One-handed Operation

Get those baby gates with pet doors that will let you get in and out easily. It will be very painful when you get gates that will only allow you to put down your stuff before opening it. The one with an uncomplicated lock is worth a purchase.


Don’t settle on those gates with a lot of plastic pieces. Such a structure will never handle the much abuse from your pets and people. Look for gates that are made of metals.

Hardware Mounting

There are some hardware mounts that can do damage to your walls. Check those gates with hardware mounting that gives secure installation but cannot damage your walls.

Other Considerations

  • It should have a hassle-free set-up with clear instructions to save you time but secure installation.
  • Materials used to construct the structure must be toxic-free, chew-proof and lead-free.
  • It should have a strong locking system.
  • Check the ones with a good value for your money.
  • Look for a gate that can cover a wider gamut of hallways or doors.
  • It should have a good color that can blend with your home’s looks.

With the entire of these considered, here is the list of the top 5 best baby gates with pet doors you can choose. Read on…

Top 5 Baby Gates With Pet Door Of 2024

Carlson Extra Wide Walk-Through Gate with Pet Door

Carlson Extra Wide Walk-Through Gate with Pet Door

This is one of the best baby gates with a pet door that comes with a nice blend of functionality and convenience. It has a 100% steel frame so you can trust that your gate will last longer. You only need a few screws to assemble the gate.

It is extra-wide it gives you a perfect height and you can expand it if you want large openings. The gate can fit your doorways up to 38.5” wide.

The 16” door opening will give you enough space to walk through.it is lightweight and portable and you can stow it flat. You can shove the gate into your closet before your guests arrive.

You can also travel with it because it can be packed easily. The pressure-mount system will make installation a snap and you don’t have to make holes in your walls. 

The one-touch release handle makes the gate a great choice for homes. You can also adjust each of the four pressure mounts and this will let you have a stable, secure fit. It comes with wall cups so you can attach the gate to the wall.

You don’t need to step over your structure anymore. The structure has a convenient design to enable adults to walk through. You’ll simply slide the red safety lock and then lift the lever handle.

  • The gate is lightweight, portable and it can stow flat.
  • No tools required during installation and this is a great idea for those who don’t want to make holes into their wall.
  • It has all-steel construction making the gate sturdy and durable.
  • It is lead-free, chew-proof and non-toxic.
  • It has convenient walk-through design.
  • Features adjustable width fits openings from 29” to 37”.
  • Users must use the locking features whenever they’re closing the gate, otherwise babies can open the latch.

Cumbor Auto Close Safety Baby Gate With Pet Door

Cumbor Auto Close Safety Baby Gate with Pet Door

Cumbor safety baby gate is here to take you to a new level of comfort. The gate has an auto-close design to let your gate close automatically after a push. This will make closing and opening the gate more convenient.

Furthermore, the structure is large enough to let users walkthrough with their babies.

No one will hit the door and this is very nice, especially for tall people. When we talk about safety and firmness, this structure promises the best.

It has four wall cups to make installation something very easy. You don’t have to make holes in your beautiful walls anymore. You can also make the gate more firmly by fastening the bolt against the wall. Your pet or baby will not push down your gate.

The handle has a two-touch release safety lock, as well as, hinges. This is a nice construction because your gate’s door can swing in any direction. Getting in/out of the structure has been made easier than before.

The small pet door is something very attractive. It is made to let your small cat pass through only. But your big dog will not be allowed to get in. This is a nice deal when keeping your lovely baby safe.

Also, the pet door is not large enough to let your active, crawling baby pass through. The gate has a locking feature to ensure parents have peace of mind. The extension panels will enable you to install the sure and it can fit spaces between 29.5” to 38.5”.

  • The gate is stronger and thicker and this will meet/exceed your expectations.
  • The extension panel is great for fitting the structure in your hallway.
  • It has rubbery feet that will not damage your wall.
  • Ergonomic handle will let you to open/close with only one hand. Forget about those baby gates that requires both hands to open/close.
  • Has a nice quality and the price is mind-blowing.
  • Requires only pressure mount set-up so forget about those baby gate with pet door that requires tools for installation.
  • The pet door is small to let only small pets to get in and this will let you to keep your big German Shepard out of your room. A perfect gate for multiple pets.
  • Made to fit spaces between 29.5 to 38.5” wide only.

Flexi Gate Extra Tall 38 in. Walk-Thru Gate With Pet Door

Flexi Gate Extra Tall 38 in. Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door

Here is another baby gate with the best pet door that is made for you, your baby, and the pets. The gate has extra-wide construction and you can install it in your stairways.

It will perfectly fit openings up to 76” wide and it will stand up to 38” tall. It features a wall-mounted design and this is very good for added security.

It has a small pet door measuring 10 by 7 inches and this will let your small pets pass through. The included locking feature will let you feel comfortable while using the gate.

Because it will let larger dogs stay outside and this will protect your baby, too. The structure is adjustable making it perfect for the bottom of your stair, hallway, and doorway use. 

When you don’t want the structure, you can easily remove it with ease. The steel design makes this product super durable. The walk-through door makes things super convenient. It comes with all mounts which are perfect for your safety and it is super easy to install.

  • The gate is configurable and suitable for unique openings such as uneven doorway.
  • Its construction is chew-proof making it suitable for pets.
  • You can add extension panels and let the baby gate to cover up to 13-feet opening.
  • The gate is sturdy, bendable and tall.
  • The latch is not sturdy.

Carlson 76 Inch Wide Flexi Configurable Walk Through Pet Gate

Carlson 76 Inch Wide Flexi Configurable Walk Through Pet Gate

Do you have an angled opening door and you don’t know the best baby gate with a pet door that can fit there? Worry not. Carlson baby gate is the best solution for you.

The structure is very unique and made to fit unusually shaped openings. Actually, it is the best item since it is chew-proof and versatile.

It has a pet door measuring 10 by 7” to let your small animals pass through. Such an opening is not enough to let your active crawling baby pass through.

This is the best essential tool for the home with babies and pets. It has durability construction so you will not replace the structure anytime soon.

The all-steel construction makes the gate very functional and you can arrange it to fit openings up to 76” wide. You need to mount it to the wall and it will let you pass through easily using the walk-through design. 

You can use this durable gate to prevent your baby from going to dangerous places such as a fireplace. When you are expecting guests, your gate will not give you frustration.

It is capable of being stowed compactly and this is good for transportation, too. The small opening will prevent the larger pets from getting in and the baby will be safe in the room.

  • Foldable for care-free set-up and storage.
  • Has an all steel durable design to let the structure long lasting.
  • Comes with mounting hardware to let homeowner to install the structure in the wall.
  • The panels are configurable and can cover wide area up to 76” wide.
  • It is lead-free, chew-proof and non-toxic.
  • It has a convenient walk-through-design alongside with a safety locking feature.
  • The hinge joints are plastic.
  • It doesn’t swing-open more than an angle 60-degree.

Mini Metal Expandable Baby Gate With Pet Door

Mini Metal Expandable Pet Door Gate Safety Baby Toddler Dog Cat Small

Get this gate with a strong locking system and it will give you peace of mind even when you have a bigger dog. The gate has rubber grips making the structure secure and stable and you’ll not worry when your big dog stands up against the structure.

It has a door that is suitable for your smaller pets. The small gate will let your small pets move around with ease. Your dog will not whimper because she is stuck inside the room.

It has the best simplicity and functionality and it will act as the best protective barrier for your baby in wide-open spaces.

The simple design makes the structure blend well with interior décor. The structure will make your baby stay inside and your pets will not be poisoned when they chew on the rails. 

The structure is lead-free and the paint is non-toxic. Installing the structure straightforwardly and moving it is a simple hitch. This baby bate will keep your tot always safe.

The structure stands 18” tall and you can extend it from 26” to 42”. The pet door is very cute and is 9 by 9” and it will enable your smaller cats and dogs to pass through. Your active baby will not crawl through the cute small pet door.

  • The structure is lead-free and has a non-toxic paint.
  • Lightweight design makes moving the gate stress-free and also perfect for travel.
  • It is expandable up to 42” which is amazing.
  • The pet door is very small to only allow your small pets to walk through.
  • It has soft rubber bumpers to prevent your walls from being scratched.
  • Metal frame are durable and superior to plastic.
  • It is pricey.
  • Only 18” tall.


What is the purpose of extension panels?

Baby gates with pet doors come in several shapes and sizes, finding the suitable one will be hard. The extension panel will let you fit such gates in the spaces you wish such as doorways and hallways.

Are baby gates with pet doors easy to install?

Yes, indeed they are very easy to install. The majority come with hardware to make installation effortless, and you can install them into the wall, or doorway.

My dog love chewing everything, are there chew-proof baby gates?

Metal gates come with slats which are better than narrow mesh. This will be hard for your dog to chew on. Plastic gates are not a good choice for your pet because your dog will chew them up and later swallow the pieces.

Final Verdict

Baby gates are made to protect our children roaming around the house unnoticed. The gates are also made to keep pets from roaming around without any supervision. At your home, there are areas that are very dangerous to your kids and pets.

Think about the fireplace, bathroom, kitchen, and stairway. That is why you need to use the best baby gates with a pet door. When you install our best baby gates with pet doors, you’ll be able to baby-proof and pet-proof your house.

Don’t experience difficulties finding the best child safety gate with a pet door anymore. Get the best baby gates from the above list and they will help you to secure your toddlers and pets from dangerous places.