10 Reasons Why You Need A Baby Gate [A In Depth Discussion]

10 Reasons Why You Need A Baby Gate
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Every parent is interested in the safety of their kids, right? And you get more excited when your baby starts to crawl and walk. During this adventurous stage for your kids, you will need the best baby gate to ensure the security and safety of your kids.

Baby- gates prevent toddlers from accessing unsupervised areas and preventing them from falling down the stairs. They also prevent unfortunate accidents that can easily happen without your consent.

Allowing your kid to move freely with the assurance of no danger is the best gift you can give to your kid at this hyperactive stage. Read on to know ten reasons why you need a baby gate.


Why You Need a Baby Gate – Top 10 Reasons

Prevent Unfortunate Accidents

Baby gates will prevent your kids from tumbling and falling stairs. Kids love the stairs, and they might trip as they move about and get severe injuries. The baby gate will block access to any stairways which may be leading to the basement or on the porch.

They also prevent your babies from going to dangerous places such as the kitchen or any other area with hazardous appliances that you would not want them to go.

Gives your Baby the Freedom of Movement

When your baby starts to crawl, they are hyperactive. They are happy to move from here to there. Preventing the baby from crawling and walking because you are worried they might go to places they shouldn’t is a task you will never succeed in.

Let them be and install a baby gate to enhance their safety. Toddlers need the freedom to move about as much as they wish in the house. A baby gate encourages the baby to keep moving.

Your baby can keep walking even if you are busy doing something else. Baby gates eradicate fear, and you will always feel safe if you are doing your tasks and the baby is crawling.

Kids are Nosy

There are always some unique features in your house that do seem to beckon and call your children. Such features could be the fireplace, a month to a frame, a Christmas tree, or equipment of machine for exercises.

It is, therefore, necessary to install baby gates in such areas to keep your baby off-limits. The gate will wrap around such items and prevent possible danger or destruction by the kid. Your baby can roam with limitations to access such features.

Kids and Pets don’t Always Mingle

Kids and pets don’t always mix because the pet might hurt your baby. It is, therefore, necessary to separate your kids and your pets using safety baby gates or pet gates. If you have a pet that wanders around, you might consider purchasing a taller baby gate.

This will allow the smaller pets to roam and prevents the larger animals to access areas where your baby is. Some gates have unique little doors that enable the small pets while preventing the bigger pets.

Kids Need a Safe Place to Play

Besides keeping the baby from no-go zones, baby gates are used to contain the baby in a confined specific area. Prepare that area well and ensure that it is babyproofed. Here you can put toys for your baby to play with.

With this, you no longer need to chase your baby every second to keep them out of danger. You will comfortably continue with your duties while the baby is happily playing and safe.

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Kids Love the Outdoors

Many kids want to go outside and play on the porch once they get a chance. Installing outdoor gates can prevent the kid from going into the yard or beyond. Outdoor gates should be permanently fixed so that your baby does not quickly open them.

It should also be baby-proofed such that the inches between the rails do not exceed 4. Your baby can, therefore, play on the porch comfortably and his/her safety is guaranteed.

Kids Love Climbing

We all loved climbing when we were young too, and the same happens to our kids. It is good to purchase a baby gate that is designed in a way that it has toeholds built in it.

Choose a gate that is extra tall and has standing bars with no crossway pieces. Kids can comfortably hold the gate in the standing bars and comfortably put their toes in the spaces between the bars.

Kids Travel Too!

If you love going on vacation, you will probably go with your kids too. In such a case, it is advisable to bring a baby gate with you while traveling to a particular destination. A travel baby gate is the best for such a time. It is easily installed and when not in use can be quickly folded down and small.

The travel baby gate is lightweight and easy to transport. When traveling most of the areas will not be baby-proofed. It is good to go prepared with a baby gate so that you can enjoy your vacation to the maximum.

Kids Go Everywhere

During this stage, kids want to go to every corner of the house. If you have a room that doesn’t have a door or doesn’t rock, you will consider having a baby gate. Some baby gates have a little door that you can quickly open with one hand for easy access and keep your toddler out.

Kids Will Always Follow You

Wherever mummy is or daddy, your little one wants to be there too. They will follow you as you attempt to attend to your duties in the house. Before you know it, you will have your kid underfoot.

It is therefore essential to have baby gates to keep them enclosed. This is especially if you are cooking, washing, or doing any other task that might pose a danger to your kid.

Final Verdict

The core function of a baby gate is to restrict your baby from going to places or rooms with potential hazards and harms. Since our homes are full of areas that are not babyproofed, having a baby gate is a necessity that should not be missed in any home with toddlers in the house.

A baby gate makes your life easier. You will do your house chores comfortably without chasing your kids and give them a safe place to play.