How To Make DIY Fabric Baby Gate Free Sewing Pattern

DIY Fabric Baby Gate
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The safety of your little one is always a priority, especially when it comes to staircases; therefore, having a DIY fabric baby gate at home is very vital.

Furthermore, DIY fabric baby gate that features fabric gates is one of the best ways to install safety first while you are personalizing your home.

Consequently, these DIY baby gates can be customized with very beautiful fabrics as well as they can be made in different sizes.

How To Make Your DIY Baby Gate

When you have a child or a pet that you want to keep far from areas that are unsafe like the staircases, you will require a DIY project that will suit you.

Furthermore, you will need a super comfortable design best baby gate, which is easy to install as well as easy to uninstall without leaving any marks on your walls.

Supplies For The DIY Baby Gate

You will first have to measure the area of the stairs and then figure out the amount of fabric you will require for the project. Once you have your measurement, you can decide to use quilting fabric for this project since it is thick and it features patterns on both sides.

Moreover, when sewing, you can use an iron seam, also known as a heated activated adhesive to help in holding the gate together. You can as well choose your most preferred color and as well use a bias thick ribbon tape.

For you to hang the four corners on the wall, you will have to use cord bundlers that feature sticky command strips.

Steps In Making DIY Baby Gates

  • Lay your bias tape flat on the fabric’s edge and then at the corner create a small loop. After creating the loop, you will seal it by using the iron seam as well as your iron and then hold on to the iron for some time to make sure that it sticks together.
  • Once you have created one loop at the end, you will have to repeat it on the other end of the bias tape. Therefore, by now, you will be having a piece of bias tape that has the same length as the fabric with two different loops on each side.
  • Subsequently, you will now have to secure the whole piece of the bias tape in your fabric. Tear off an extended part of adhesive and then fold your fabric over both the bias tape and the adhesive and then you will secure it together by the use of the heat from the iron.
  • On the other side of the fabric, you will have to repeat the same steps until you have four loops in all the corners.
  • Install your cord bundlers and secure them to the wall and then attach your loops on to the cord bundlers and you will be good to go.

Note; if you are good with using threads and needles, or maybe you have a sewing machine, you can let go of the iron seam and instead sew all your fabric together.

But if you are good with an iron seam only, you will have to stitch together the four corners to reinforce them since you don’t want them to be loose when your child is pulling the fabric.

Despite all the sewing process, this is an elementary DIY baby gate, and I hope that you will give it a try.

Importance of having DIY fabric baby gate at home

Having a DIY fabric baby gate is very vital for the safety of your child. Nowadays, several homesteads have, and above all, parents always want to make sure that their child cannot access the staircases without any supervision.

At times this might be dangerous since a fall from the top of the stairs is very crucial, and it can lead to death or severe injury.

Therefore, for this reason, having a DIY baby gate is very vital for the child’s safety at any homestead. Much like an ordinary pool fence, a DIY baby gate will provide a substantial barrier at the top or even at the bottom of your stairs.

Therefore, this mechanism will help in keeping crawling as well as climbing little ones from causing trouble for themselves.

Things to keep in mind

When it comes to keeping your children away from stairs, at times, items can be tricky; therefore, you should consider installing DIY fabric baby gates at both the top and the bottom of your stairs.

Furthermore, be aware of things that your child might use to help them with climbing over the DIY baby gate. You should also know that kids are more resourceful than most adults give them credit.


Prevention is always better than cure; therefore, it is very vital to install a DIY fabric baby gate to prevent accidents from occurring.

Staircases can be one of the most dangerous places for your child at home especially for those who are starting to walk or crawl since it presents them an opportunity to either climb and observe things from a vantage point or crawl downstairs.