Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby – What You Must Know?

Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby
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Do you have a newborn, and you are wondering how to introduce them to your dog?

Dogs and babies can be the best buddies, but it takes some work and playing your role to ensure that everything goes smoothly. When you have a dog, introducing a new baby in your home will bring some changes in your dog’s life.

Your dog is used to your dotting attention, and when the baby finally comes, this will change. The dog’s schedule will also have to change. It is very important to prepare your dog in advance before your baby comes in.

In this case, you will be introducing your baby to your dog and also introduce your dog to your baby. Remember that your newborn’s safety is your priority. Read on because this article will help the whole transition as seamless as possible.

How To Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby

Introducing your dog to your baby should not happen after the baby is finally in your hands. This is something you need to start once you are a few months pregnant. This is because your dog needs to learn new traits and commands as early as possible.

Your child will impact the lifestyle of your dog, and going ahead of time and preparing your dog for these changes will ensure an easier transition.

Here is a guide on how to introduce your dog to your baby.

Start Training Early

Your dog needs enough time to train and understand all the basic commands. This will make you be in a position to control the interactions between your dog and your baby

If you are busy and don’t have enough time to train your dog, you can send them to a private trainer. Alternatively, you can enroll in a training course with your dog normally offered at pet stores and animal shelters.

Teach Your Dog New Commands

No matter how intelligent your dog is, it needs plenty of time to learn new commands and skills. Teach your dog commands such as “drop it”,” leave it”, “go to your bed” “Sit”, “no”, “quiet”.

Teaching your dog new tricks will help you control his impulses. The dog may want to play with your baby’s toys as his own, and these commands will help you control that.

Change Your Dogs Schedule

When you have a newborn in your home, your schedule is likely to change, and this, too will affect that of your dog. Adjusting your daily routine and incorporating a new one will get your dog prepared by the time the baby comes home.

Reduce the amount of time you spend playing and interacting with your dog. This is because he will get less attention when the baby arrives. Your dog should be accustomed to a less predictable schedule as possible.

Introduce New Scents

Dogs are very sensitive to smells, and unfamiliar scents may act as a threat to them. Since your baby will come with some new odors in the house and therefore, you should allow your dog to adjust to new scents before the baby comes.

Once they have adjusted to baby odors, they will relax and calm down when your newborn comes home. Take a baby’s clothing or blanket and allow your dog to sniffle them to familiarize themselves with the smell. You can also apply baby powder, and baby oil on your skin, and the dog will get used to the scent way before the baby arrives.

Get Your Dog Used To The Sounds That Babies Make

Babies cry sometimes or make some annoying noises. You should, therefore, make your pet to get used to those sounds of the baby. Experts recommend buying a baby doll that cries or a moving doll that will imitate all the baby does.

With this, your dog will adjust to new sensory triggers, and it will be used to a new different home environment. A doll is one of the great training tools. You can hold it, place it on the floor or keep it in the crib.

Reconsider Your House Rules

Now that your baby will be home soon, your house rules for the dog will change. Will, your dog be allowed to sleep on the bed with you anymore? Is the dog welcome to sit on the couch or other areas where the baby is? Train your dog to keep the baby’s nursery off-limits.

You can achieve this by installing a baby gate ad teaching your dog what it means. You can reward your dog once it stays calm outside the room and discourages it from scratching the baby gate.

With all these changes in house rules for your dog, it will be fully prepared once the baby is home and spends lots of time in the nursery.

Accustom Your Dog To New Sleeping Arrangements

Once the baby is home, you will not allow your dog to sleep in the same bed with you anymore. You need your dog to get used to those changes before your baby arrives. You can buy a crate or a comfortable bed for your dog so that it can retreat in a safe place away from the baby.

The First Introduction of Your Dog to Your Baby should be Short 

Once your baby is home, it’s good to introduce your dog to him or her briefly. Let the dog see the new member of the family briefly. Allow the dog to see but not touch the baby. Their first interaction should be sweet.

Tell Your Dog To Sit Every time You bring the baby At The Room

Train your dog to sit every time you bring the baby into the room. This will prevent it from climbing, jumping, or disrupting the baby.

Never leave Your Baby and The Dog Unattended

No matter how great or intelligent, your dog is, never leave it with your baby alone. The safety of your kid is the first priority, and your dog may not understand how delicate your baby is. Only allow interaction of your dog and baby when you can offer them full attention.

With proper preparations, introducing your dog to your baby shouldn’t be that hard. By following these guidelines, the whole transition process will be an easy one.