What To Do When Toddler Climbs Out Of Crib

Toddler Climbs Out Of Crib
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Every parent’s priority is the safety of their kid. When your baby climbs out of the crib, it can be a scary experience for you. Once your kid hits their first birthday, they already have the climbing skills or are trying to learn them.

This means that they can easily fall, trying to climb out of the climb. This can result to head injuries and breaking their bones. No matter their age since some may start as early as 8 months, if they can climb out of the crib, then it’s time to think of the solution.

Once your baby can climb out of their crib, it does not necessarily mean that they are ready for a toddler bed. A toddler bed at that age gives your baby more freedom, which can cause bigger problems.

Wait, at least your baby turns 2 years before you switch to a kid bed. You can extend the crib sleeping days of your toddler if you learn that they can climb out by learning a few tactics. Here a few options of what to do if your kid is climbing out of the crib.

Get A Sleep Sack

One of the simplest ways to prevent your toddler from climbing over the rib is by making them sleep in a sleep sack. Asleep sack encloses a baby’s legs and feet and tucked inside the sleeping bag. By this, climbing will not be easy. A sleeping sack has enough room for the baby to move comfortably but not able to climb. This is tricky enough to prevent your kid from climbing out of their crib.

Lower The Mattress

Another solution for a baby that is climbing out of their crib is to lower the crib mattress to the lowest point. Cribs are designed with mattress springs, which you can remove completely or lower them to the lowest screw to lower the mattress. This will make it harder for your baby to get enough leverage to hoist themselves over the crib.

Turn The Crib Around

Usually, most cribs are designed in a way that one long side is higher than the other. In most cases, this higher side is normally put against the wall. However, you can extend the days your baby sleeps in their crib by turning the crib around.

This means the lower side where they can climb through is placed against the wall leaving the higher side on their side. Since it is high, it may discourage your kid from climbing out. However, be careful because some kids might still be able to climb over that higher side.

Install A Bed Rail

A baby crib does not come with its bed rail. However, you can install one if you can remove one side of the crib. With a bed rail, your kid can climb in and out of their crib without risking falling. You can easily find a bed rail at the store and attach it to your child’s crib. When buying a bed rail, ensure that you get a size that matches the rib size. Some rails are for twin beds, and it may not suit your baby’s crib.

Lower The Crib

Baby cribs are adjustable, and it is good to ensure that it is on its lowest screw. Adjust the frame so that it is in the lowest position possible. Also, ensure that the crib springs are on the lowest screw. Alternatively, you can remove them.

Put A favorite Toy or Book in The Crib

Kids only need a little distraction to prevent them from climbing over the crib. Have a toy or an exciting book that your kid loves to keep them busy when they wake up. That way, they will not feel the need to run out of their crib. Instead, they will stay in their bed, play, or read. Avoid attaching toys or play strings to the baby’s crib. They can entrap your baby and cause more harm.

Don’t Put A Crib Tent

Once you realize that your baby is climbing out of their crib, you may be tempted to put a barrier like a crib tent. Crib tents aren’t safe at all and would not be recommended as a solution to prevent your kid from climbing out of the crib. Tents pose a threat to entrapment and strangulation risks to babies. Staying safe is what you want here not to cause more problems.

Put The Mattress On The Floor

If you are left with zero options, you can remove the crib’s mattress and put it on the floor. Place the mattress on the same spot the crib was so that the kid will feel that the environment is still the same.

Put everything that was in the crib in place i.e. the sheets and the blankets as it used to be only that this time the crib is not there. A mattress on the floor prevents falls, and it’s even safer. Once your baby is up, they can freely roam the room.

Only ensure that the room your baby sleeps is baby proofed. This can help prevent injury in case the baby wakes up and start playing in the room, and you are not aware. You can also install a baby gate to prevent them from going to a room that you don’t want in case they wake up

Switch To A Bed

If all these options are not working for your baby, then you can switch to a baby bed. This is, however, only if your kid is two years and above. Kids will outgrow their baby cribs (Here is the list of top 9 best baby cribs review) anyway and won’t spend the rest of their young age sleeping there. Remember the safety practices of a kid bed, such as not keeping it near a window and not attaching things at the bedside.

These are some of the things you can do when you realize that your toddler is climbing or attempting to climb out of the crib. Don’t rush to a bed if time is not yet.