How To Get Your Baby To Sleep In A Crib

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in a Crib
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Are you having trouble getting your baby to sleep in a crib? If your baby is already used to sleeping bed or bassinet, getting them used to sleep at their rib is challenging. A baby sleeping in the crib is safe.

However, the transition process is not as challenging if it is done right. This article will guide you on how to get your baby to sleep in a crib.

Getting your baby to get used to sleeping alone can be done by a variety of ways.

How To Get Baby To Sleep In Crib

Create A Bedtime Routine

One of the top ways on how to get your baby to sleep in a crib is by establishing a bedtime routine. A bedtime routine may vary from one mom to the other. What works for your baby may not work for another baby.

However, the most common routine consist of; bathing your baby, a fresh diaper and clean sleeping pajamas, feed them, have an intimate moment where you can cuddle, read them stories and even sing sweet soothing songs.

A consistent bedtime routine is important. Settle for one routine that you can easily repeat each night in the same order. Always end your routine with the same song or phrase. Babies are habit creators, and this will let them know when it’s time to sleep.

Remember to be steady because it is the only way to create a routine. Skipping your routine sometimes may give your baby mixed signals.

Include A Snack

Before putting your baby to sleep in your crib, ensure that they eat something. They can take either milk or eat cereals if they are above six months. Also, don’t staff your baby too much food. It will only cause discomfort while they are sleeping, and they won’t sleep peacefully. Let them juts have enough, and they will last longer in bed before waking up.

Give Them A Bath

A warm birth is relaxing and can soothe your baby to sleep. After washing them, wrap them with a baby towel or a warm blanket. Hold them close to offer them comfort and add an extra level of warmth. This soothes your baby further for sleep.

Read A Book

There are a variety of exciting books for babies out there in the market. Get one and read for your baby in a calm, gentle voice. Too young babies may not understand the story you are learning to them.

However, they will still love the idea of being held as mum or dad reads them a book. 5-10 minutes is enough reading time. Don’t prolong the session as it may keep the baby more awake.

Sing A Soothing Song

Lullabies were meant for these periods, and babies love when you sing to them. A soothing song will wind down your baby. Before you start the song, put the baby in a crib to prepare them to sleep so that when they catch sleep, they will not be in your arms.

Put Down Your Baby Awake in The Crib

The idea is not to trick your baby to sleep in the rib but to make them learn the new sleeping habits. You may be tempted to hold your baby in your arms until they fall asleep. Then the minute you place them in the crib they wake up and cry. Teach them to accept the crib by putting them in there while still, they are awake.

Soothe Your Baby By The Crib-side

Your baby may not like the idea of sleeping at the crib at first. That is expected. They are used to sleep in your bed or the bassinet, and now the crib is a new environment for them. Nobody likes to change! The first days of sleeping in the crib won’t go smoothly. But with time, your baby will adjust.

So, if your baby cries once you put them in a crib, soothe them. You can hug them and slowly return them in the crib as an assurance that it is a safe place. It will only be tough during the first days.

Add More Sleep Period

You can add another sleeping period for your baby in the crib apart from the night. As long as you are consistently making your baby sleep in the crib all the time, they will adjust to sleeping there faster.

Within 1-2 weeks, your baby should have changed to sleeping in the crib. It’s good to allow time for this transition as it takes time depending on the age of your baby.

Sleep On The Crib Sheet

If you have been sleeping on the same bed with your baby, the chances are that they know your scent. It’s good to sleep on the baby’s cribs sheet so that you can transfer your scent to them. It’s not some magic, but some babies find comfort in their parent’s scent. That will help the baby feel that the rib is not a foreign place, and they will sleep safely.

Move The Crib Into Your Room

Place your baby’s crib next to your bed so that your baby can see you as they fall asleep. Change in the surrounding is one of the frightening parts about the transition into a crib for a baby. Once your baby is used to sleeping next to your bed, gradually move their crib further and further until they are comfortable to sleep alone in their room.

Give Your Baby Enough Time To Fall Asleep

Staying put while your baby sleep is important. If they start crying, don’t rush to pick them up. Pat them on their back as you gently stroke their back while cooing. This will make your presence known to them, and they will feel safe and sleep comfortably.


If you are having trouble getting your baby to sleep in the crib, these are some of the ways on how to get your baby to sleep in the crib. Apply these tips, and the transition process will be easier than you think.