5 Genius Ways To Upcycle Your Old Pack ‘N Play

Upcycle Old Pack N Play
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Last Updated on May 30, 2022 by babygatesplus.com

If you have bigger kids, you definitely know how quickly kids outgrow their stuff. Therefore, you might find yourself giving them out to your friends and families. This is because the last thing you want is cluttering up your home or garage area with baby kinds of stuff that are no longer used.

However, this should not be the case. You can up-cycle your old pack ‘n play in a creative way so that it will still be useful in your house even if your kid no longer uses it.

Upcycle Your Old Pack ‘N Play: 5 Easy Way!

Check out these genius ways to repurpose an old pack ‘n play that will make you change your mind on parting with your baby’s pack ‘n play.

Ball Pit

A ball pit is a timeless form of entertainment for kids that you would easily find in many fast foods and restaurants. However, due to germs and contaminations that were passed from the balls to the kids, today, we no longer have ball pits anymore in restaurants. With this, you can repurpose an old pack ‘n play and make it a ball pit at your home.

That will be a simple and entertaining place to keep your child busy as you do other things. This ball pit will do tricks to your kid as it will give them something to draw their attention. While your baby is in here, you will get a chance to go to the bathroom, do some laundry or even have just some you time to make a call or relax.

It is very easy for you to convert your old pack ‘n play into a ball pit. Just remove the bassinet portion at the top. Once it’s removed, buy a bunch of different colored balls and dump them in the pack ‘n play. Toss your toddler in there and leave them to play with the balls. This is a place where your baby can stay as you do your chores without having to give them that eagle-eye.


Ever wanted to have a special place for your kids to hang out in your home? Just don’t give out your best pack ‘n play. Kids love to have a place of their own. A place where they can fit inside, hide, and do their own stuff. You are going to create that place for them using an old pack ‘n play.

That is especial if you have a big room that is not used often. Remove the bassinet and turn your pack ‘n play to the side so that it looks like they are entering in a fort. Try and make the fort kid-friendly by having covers on the top, a blanket and toys inside to make it more appealing to kids as well they can play inside.

Kids will have lots of fun if you create for them such a place to play. They can rest there with the cat and dog or read their favorite book. Within the process of your old pack’n play you may be interested in checking this top list of pack’n play for your baby.

Play Mat

Your pack ‘n play comes with a small thin mattress. This mattress can be turned into a creative play mat for your kid. You will only need to add some fabric and even to be more creative, add some acrylic paint.

You can even paint an interconnection of roads on the fabric of the mattress where your kid can ride their toys. Depending on what interests your kid most, you will be more creative on the idea. The baby can sit on the play mat as they play with the toys.

Also, instead of the baby sitting on the cold floor, the play mat will act as an insulator and prevent them from absorbing cold from the cold floor. Another option is that you can use the mattress as a catching table for your baby in the car. Always carry it at the boot of your car and it can be of help in time of need.

Old Pack N Play Pet Bed


Pet Bed

We all have pets, whether it’s your beloved dog or cat. Most of the time, many people usually have a crate where the dog or their cat sleep. Did you know that you can turn your old pack ‘n play into a pet bed?

Yes, it is as simple as that. All you need to do is to cut one mesh side. Depending on the size of your pet, you can opt to cut the smaller side if your pet is small and the bigger side if your pet is bigger.

Add a sheet or a blanket and you have your pet bed ready. Say no more to your pet sleeping in your bed or on your couch. This is also a great way to do away with pet hairs all over the house if your pet has a specific sleeping area.

Insect-free Play Area

Sometimes you want your kid to get some free air outside. However, you are worried because it is during that season that has tons of bugs, mosquitos, and other creeping animals. Since you do not want all these attacking your baby, the best way is to put them in a pack and play.

Make sure that the top is covered with a sheet over it to prevent an insect from finding its way to your baby. Have toys and books for your baby to play with. This will act as a small tent for them, and no insect will disturb your baby. Here is the guide on how to use a Pack n Play for Infants.


From there, you can see all the unique ways you can convert your old pack ‘n play into very useful things. So, stop keeping your unused baby staffs in the garage idle. If you think creatively, there is so much you can do with most of them.

Also, don’t be over-generous while your pet is sleeping outside, or you can even make something that will make the kids happy. Whether your pack ‘n play is torn or old, there is still something good that can be made out of it. Practice these tips like an innovative guru.