10 Things to Try When Your Baby Won’t Nap [Best Explanation]

Try When Your Baby Wont Nap
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My baby won’t nap! You probably have heard someone say that. Babies can be fickle nappers; therefore, they need to nap for about 3 hours until they are nine months old. A baby who doesn’t nap can give a mother a difficult time during motherhood; therefore, it is advisable for the mother to ensure a baby naps almost 3 times a day.

Most babies can nap peacefully without any destruction, while others have to work hard before they sleep. Babies have different ways of napping, and therefore, the mothers have to get to know their child well and ways to make the baby nap.

Here are 10 things you can try when your baby doesn’t nap.

Going For a Walk

 If your baby can’t nap, the mother should take the baby out for a walk, maybe using a baby carrier or a stroller. The movement to different places like the mall can enable a baby to sleep on his /her way.

This is because tired babies will not resist any movement before they fall asleep. Once a baby is in deep sleep you can either come back home or pull over and stop moving for the baby to get the best sleep possible.

However, you don’t have to make this a habit, or your baby will never sleep unless you are on a walk. It is also good to train your baby to learn to sleep by themselves without relying on you to hold, walk, or feed them.

Put The Baby Down Earlier

If your 3month old baby cant nap, allow the baby to lie down earlier in his/her bed; this is done by ensuring that you observe the signs of the baby. Some babies rub their eyes, others yawn, and others give too much attention to small matters that are not important, while others cry when they are sleepy.

Once you see such signs, you can put the baby down to rest either on their bed or crib. With no time, your baby will be dead asleep.

Observe Your Diet

It is good for a mother to observe her diet if her baby can’t nap. Some mothers take a lot of black coffee and green tea, which contains a lot of caffeine, which affects the breast milk and makes the baby not get enough sleep.

Therefore as a nursing mum, you should avoid consuming such things to ensure your little baby naps. If you can’t do without caffeine, try and consume it in very little amounts.

Establish a Routine

It is good to establish a routine for your baby if he can’t sleep. You can achieve this by massaging your baby, playing favorite music to the baby, changing the baby’s diaper, or taking the baby to a dark room. This makes the baby comfortable hence making him/her sleep.

You can also feed your baby with their favorite food or fruits, and once they are full, they will fall asleep. Creating such routines for the baby makes it easier for your baby to nap.

Hand The Baby Off

If your disturbing baby doesn’t settle down for you, he might maybe settle down with someone else. Therefore, you can try to hand off the baby to someone else. This can be your partner or a family member who can make the baby sleep.

Don’t Rush In When The Baby Cries

 Babies who take catnaps are often a frustration to their parents, who would like them to sleep longer. If your little baby wakes up from a nap that is less than 45 minutes, it is advisable not to rush into the bedroom and wait for some time.

This is because he/she might go back to sleep. In case the baby doesn’t go back to sleep, you can tiptoe inside the bedroom quietly and try to rub his/her back and soothe him for a few minutes to see if the baby goes back to sleep.

Swaddle Your Baby

If your baby can’t fall asleep, you can try to wrap them with heavy and warm clothes. This will help in making your baby warm, and it can make them fall asleep easily. Swaddling the baby can work wonders and make your baby fall asleep easily.

Watch For The Baby Yawns

Young babies don’t usually stay awake for more than 2 hours. It is, therefore, very good to watch for their yawns since this is one of the signs of sleepiness. Once you catch your baby yawning, kindly take them out of a stimulating environment and take them to a calmer place where they can easily fall asleep.

Make Sure Your Baby’s Room is Sleepy

It is good to consider factors like light and sound in order to make the baby’s room sleep-friendly. Make sure that the room of your baby is dim by investing in black curtains. Having a super quiet room during the day can also be challenging, especially if you have other bigger kids.

It is, therefore, wise to invest in a white noise machine. Its main purpose is to block out all background noise while your baby sleeps. If you can’t afford the machine, you can download some white noise music that will also play the role well.

Have A Quiet Time Together

It is good to enjoy some peaceful quiet time with your baby before they take a nap. You can achieve this by singing them a lullaby or reading a story to signal nap time. A bay is likely to sleep faster in a noiseless environment. If their nap time is almost, clear any noise and take the baby to their room.

There is nothing more stressful for a mother than a baby who won’t nap. It is, therefore, good to try all the ways possible to make sure that your baby naps. Remember, sleep helps your baby to grow. These are just some useful tips you can apply when your baby can’t sleep.