When Does Arias Parents Find Out About Ezra?

When Does Arias Parents Find Out About Ezra
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In Pretty Little Liars, Aria’s parents find out about Ezra in the episode “A is for Answers.” In this episode, Ezra tells Aria’s parents the truth about his relationship with their daughter and why he kept it a secret.

Ezra and Aria have been dating for a few months now and things are going great. However, Ezra has yet to tell Aria’s parents about their relationship. He is worried about how they will react since they are very strict with her.

Ezra finally decides to tell them when he accompanies Aria to her family’s weekly Sunday dinner. Her parents are surprised at first, but then they warm up to him and welcome him into the family. They are happy that their daughter has found someone who makes her so happy.

Pretty Little Liars – Ezra tells Aria’s parents about their relationship – 02×14

In What Episode Does Aria’S Parents Find Out About Ezra?

Aria’s parents find out about Ezra in episode 12 of season 4. In this episode, Aria tells her parents the truth about Ezra and they are shocked. However, they eventually accept him and even invite him to their house for dinner.

How Does Aria And Ezra Get Caught?

Aria and Ezra get caught because they are not careful enough. They are seen together by Aria’s friends, who then tell her parents. Her parents then confront them and they confess their relationship.

How Old was Aria When She Slept With Ezra?

Aria was 17 years old when she slept with Ezra. She had just turned 17 a few months before they had sex. This was during the time when they were secretly dating while he was her high school teacher.

When they first got together, she lied about her age and said she was 18. But after they started getting serious, she came clean and told him the truth. They continued to date in secret until she turned 18 and then went public with their relationship.

Does Ezra Get Aria Pregnant?

No, Ezra does not get Aria pregnant. In the TV show Pretty Little Liars, Ezra and Aria are in a relationship but they are not shown to have any children together.

When Does Arias Parents Find Out About Ezra?

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Does Aria Tell Her Parents About Ezra in Season 2

Aria Tells Her Parents About Ezra in Season 2In the second season of Pretty Little Liars, Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) tells her parents about her relationship with her English teacher, Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding). Initially, she keeps the affair a secret out of fear of what they might think or say.

However, as the season progresses and Aria’s feelings for Ezra grow stronger, she realizes that she needs to tell her parents the truth.In the episode “The Goodbye Look,” Aria finally confesses to her mother, Ella (Holly Marie Combs), that she is dating Ezra. She assures her mom that he is a good person and that their relationship is purely platonic.

While Ella is initially skeptical, she eventually comes around and gives Aria her blessing to continue seeing him.Later on in the season, in the episode “Over My Dead Body,” Aria tells her father, Byron (Chad Lowe), about Ezra as well. She again emphasizes that their relationship is not sexual and that she loves him.

Though Byron isn’t happy about it at first, he eventually accepts Aria’s decision and gives his blessing for them to continue seeing each other.Overall, telling her parents about Ezra was a big step for Aria Montgomery in terms of both her relationship with him and herself. It showed how much she cared for him and how committed she was to making things work between them – no matter what anyone else thought or said.

What Episode Does Ella Find Out About Ezra And Aria

Ella finds out about Ezra and Aria’s relationship in the episode “Eye of the Beholder.” She is shocked and disappointed when she learns that her daughter has been dating her former student, but she eventually comes to accept it.

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In the Pretty Little Liars season 6B finale, Ezra’s parents found out about his relationship with Aria. They were not happy about it and told him to end it.