How To Discipline A Toddler?

How To Discipline A Toddler
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Are you upset with your kid’s tricks? Toddler discipline can be tricky. This is because you are not sure if the discipline method is appropriate for a kid. These little children can test your nerves. They master new skills every day and are eager to use them to see how you react.

Therefore, it is very important as a parent to arm yourself with several discipline tricks so that if one does not work, you can apply the other. Discipline should be instilled in a child when they are young. This is because when they grow up, it will be difficult for you to stop some of the habits they have adopted. Here are a few tricks that work for toddler discipline.

Set Expectations And ConsequencesThe number one way to discipline a toddler is by setting expectations and consequences expected from the child. This is because children will not follow the rules if they do not know and understand what they are.

To make them understand, make sure the rules and instructions are clear and simple. Make eye contact when stating the rules and ensure your child nods as a sign of understanding. Also when giving the consequences of going against the rules, be clear on what will happen.

Don’t just tell your kid you will be on bad terms when they break the rules. Come clean on the exact consequences that will follow. Tell your kids what you expect from them and ensure they understand.

1. Be Consistent

Be Consistent A Toddler

If you are wondering how to discipline your toddler, consistency is key. Regarding discipline, parents should learn to be consistent in what they say. If you don’t stick to the rules and consequences you set for your kids, they won’t stick to them too.

For example, don’t be a parent who allows your kid to play ball inside the house today and tomorrow refuse them to play inside the house. This will only confuse the kid. If it is a no, let it be a no all the time.

Don’t make empty threats to your kid if they do something wrong because if you proceed and don’t make the threat happen, you will undermine your authority and kids will take advantage of that. Remember that kids always watch and follow their parents.

Therefore, be a role model and don’t prevent them from doing things you do. Children will not always stop certain behavior at the first warning. So make sure your response or action is the same every time they misbehave. If you always respond the same way, they will learn their lesson.

2. Redirect

Redirection is one of the best ways to discipline a toddler. This is applied when you see a tantrum building. Take this opportunity and distract your child with something they love.

Try to use the energy and passion your child uses to misbehave into something good. For example, if your child throws stones, you can give him a ball instead. That way, they will still do what they want to do but in a positive way.

3. Use Distraction

Distraction works best for toddler discipline. It is almost similar to redirection, but instead of offering a similar activity, you look for a different activity that will distract a child from misbehaving.

The distraction you offer to your child should be a very fun activity that will make him/her forget their misbehaving acct. Once you have distracted their minds, you can move them away from the things that made them misbehave.

4. Prevent

Prevention is one of the easiest ways for toddler discipline. By now you have learned all the things that make your toddler misbehave. Therefore, by setting up an environment that promotes good behaviour, your kid will have fewer chances of misbehaving.

For example, some children will misbehave when they are tired, hungry or thirsty. So if you plan on going somewhere to avoid frustrations, make sure you go in the morning before the kids get tired and hungry. Also, ensure the kids have enough play toys so they don’t get bored and start misbehaving.

5. Offer Options

The more you say no, the more a toddler wants it. It is therefore wise to offer them options so they can get a chance to make choices. Children love being in control and you can help them avoid misbehaving by offering them a limited choice of offers. For example, you can ask them what they want to take first rather than commanding them to take their books and then the blocks. By this, they will feel they have a say and misbehaving is unlikely.

6. Praise Your Kid when They Do Something Good

People may not see praising your kid when they do something good as a discipline trick. However, this is one of the best disciplinary tricks. This is because if you compliment your kid every time they do something good, they will always do well. Children need attention and one of the best ways to get it is by complementing and praising them. But remember, as a parent, you should always give attention to the best behavior only.

7. Practice Timeouts

Timeouts are one of the most effective forms of discipline for your kids. First, let your kid understand some of the unacceptable behaviors when they are angry. This includes things like throwing substances or food, hitting or biting.

Explain to your child why such behavior is intolerable and they should take a designated timeout to calm down whenever they are angry. A timeout area should have distractions such as toys or a TV to help your kid calm down. Timeout is an effective way to control your child when angry and prevent them from misbehaving. Therefore, they are likely to start behaving in ways you would like them to.

You do not have to pick the rod to discipline your kid; here are simple tricks that work well with your kid.