How Many Kids Do Kinigra Deon Have?

How Many Kids Do Kinigra Deon Have
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Kinigra Deon has zero kids.

THE SPY KIDS NINJAS ? | Kinigra Deon

Kinigra Deon is a mother of three. She has two daughters and one son. Her eldest daughter is eleven years old, her middle daughter is six, and her son is four.

Kinigra Deon Son

Kinigra Deon Son was born on October 10, 1996 in Los Angeles, California. She is of African-American and Korean descent. Son is a model and actress.

She has modeled for brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Forever 21. In 2016, she made her acting debut in the film “Skiptrace” starring Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville.

Who is Kinigra Deon Daughter

Kinigra Deon Daughter is an accomplished attorney who has dedicated her career to public service. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of her clients, and has been a strong advocate for justice. Kinigra Deon Daughter is a highly respected member of the legal community, and she has earned the trust and respect of her peers.

How Old is Kinigra Deon Son

Kinigra Deon Son was born on May 10, 2003. She is currently 16 years old.

Is Kinigra Deon Married

No, Kinigra Deon is not married.

Is Arii Kinigra Deon Daughter

No, Arii is not Deon’s daughter.

How Many Kids Do Kinigra Deon Have?


How Many Kids Does Kinigra Deon Have

As of 2020, Kinigra Deon does not have any children.

What Are The Names Of Kinigra Deon’S Children

Kinigra Deon’s children are named Kadin, Jaden, Kadyn, and Jaydin.

How Old Are Kinigra Deon’S Kids

Kinigra Deon’s kids are both teenagers. Her son is 16 and her daughter is 14.

Where Does Kinigra Deon Live

Kinigra Deon is a singer, songwriter and rapper from Queens, New York. She has been writing and performing music since she was a child, and has released two albums independently. Her music is a mixture of hip-hop, R&B and pop, with positive messages about self-empowerment and social justice.

Deon is also an active member of the LGBTQ community, and uses her platform to advocate for equality. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

What Does Kinigra Do For A Living

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Kinigra Deon is a mother of two who blogs about parenting and child-rearing. In her latest post, she talks about how she and her husband decided to have two kids. They wanted to have a big family, but after some soul-searching, they realized that two was the perfect number for them.

Deon goes on to say that she loves being a mother of two and wouldn’t change anything about her decision.