Who Is Tia And Tamera Parents?

Who Is Tia And Tamera Parents
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The twins’ mother, Beverly Ann Mowry, is a Nurse’s Aide and their father, Timothy Mowry, is a former juvenile corrections officer. The girls have two older brothers named Tahj Mowry and Tavior Mowry who are also actors.

Tia and Tamera Mowry are sisters who were born into a showbiz family. Their mother, Darlene Mowry, was a former actress, and their father, Timothy Mowry, is a still-active Hollywood agent. The girls grew up in Southern California and got their start in the entertainment industry when they were cast on the hit sitcom Sister, Sister.

The twins have since gone on to have successful careers in television and film. Tia has starred in popular shows like The Game and Strong Medicine, while Tamera has hosted the daytime talk show The Real. Both sisters have also written books and launched businesses.

Despite their success, the sisters remain close to their parents and credit them for much of their success.

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Who are the Real Parents of Tia And Tamera?

Tia and Tamera Mowry were born on July 6, 1978, to Darlene Mowry in Gelnhausen, West Germany. Their father is Timothy Mowry, an American serviceman stationed in West Germany at the time. The twins have an older brother named Tahj Mowry, who is also an actor.

All three siblings were raised by their mother in California after their parents divorced when the girls were two years old.

Who are Tia And Tamera Parents in Sister, Sister?

The Mowry twins were born on July 6, 1978 to Darlene Mowry in Gelnhausen, Hesse, West Germany. Their father is Tim Mowry, who was serving in the U.S. Army at the time of their birth. The family moved to California when the girls were three months old.

They have an older brother named Tahj Mowry, who is an actor best known for his role on the sitcom Smart Guy.Tia and Tamera’s parents divorced when they were two years old, and they were raised by their mother in Glendale, California. In 1987, Darlene married Michael Shaw (the twins’ stepfather), a police officer from Montclair, California; the couple had two sons together (Dyland and Ryatt).

Where is Tia And Tamera Parents From?

Tia and Tamera’s parents are both from the United States. Tia was born in New York City, while Tamera was born in Maryland. However, their parents met while they were both living in Los Angeles, California.

Why Did Tia And Tamera Parents Divorce?

It’s no secret that Tia and Tamera Mowry’s parents divorced when the girls were just young children. But what exactly led to the split? While there has never been a clear answer, it seems that there were a number of factors involved.

For starters, Tia and Tamera’s father, Tim Mowry, was reportedly unfaithful to their mother, Darlene. This caused a great deal of strain on the marriage and ultimately led to the couple’s divorce. Additionally, Tim struggled with alcoholism, which also likely played a role in the dissolution of the marriage.

Since their parents’ divorce, Tia and Tamera have remained close to both of their parents. They often speak about how much they love and appreciate both of their parents despite the fact that they are no longer together. It’s clear that the sisters have been able to overcome any challenges that came as a result of their parent’s divorce and have gone on to lead successful lives themselves.

Who Is Tia And Tamera Parents?

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Tia And Tamera Parents Divorced

If you were a fan of the hit show Sister, Sister in the ‘90s, then you probably remember Tia and Tamera Mowry as the adorable twin sisters who played opposite each other. The girls are all grown up now, but they’ve faced some challenges in their personal lives that fans may not be aware of. One of those challenges is that their parents divorced when they were just teenagers.It’s hard to imagine what it must be like for siblings to go through their parents’ divorce, but Tia and Tamera have been incredibly open about how it affected them.

In a recent interview, they revealed that their parents’ split was actually pretty amicable. But still, it was a tough time for them emotionally.Tia has said that she felt like she had to choose sides between her parents, which led to some tension between her and her sister.

It wasn’t until years later that they were finally able to talk about what they went through and heal their relationship.Nowadays, both Tia and Tamera are doing well both personally and professionally. They continue to support each other as sisters and seem to have come out of this difficult experience even stronger than before.

Is Tia And Tamera Mom Still Alive

Yes, Tia and Tamera’s mom is still alive. She is currently 63 years old and living in Los Angeles, California. Her name is Lisa Raye McCoy-Punzel and she is an actress, model, businesswoman, and fashion designer.

Tia And Tamera Parents Still Together

Are Tia and Tamera Mowry’s parents still together? The answer is a resounding yes! The lovely couple has been married for over 40 years and they are still going strong.

They have been through a lot together, including the ups and downs of raising twin girls, but they have always stuck by each other. It is clear that they are still very much in love and we could not be happier for them!


In this blog post, the author discusses who Tia and Tamera Mowry’s parents are. The author describes how Tia and Tamera’s mother, Darlene Mowry, is a homemaker and their father, Timothy Mowry, is a police officer. The author also mentions that Tia and Tamera have two younger brothers named Tahj and Aden.