Who Is Reys Parents?

Who Is Reys Parents

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Rey’s parents are unknown. She was left on the planet Jakku when she was a child and has no memory of her family.

Rey’s parents are a mystery. We don’t know who they are or where they came from. All we know is that Rey was abandoned on the planet Jakku when she was a child.

This has led to much speculation about Rey’s parentage. Some believe she is the daughter of Luke Skywalker, while others think she may be related to Obi-Wan Kenobi. There are even those who believe Rey is a reincarnated Jedi Knight!

Whoever Rey’s parents may be, one thing is for sure: they must be powerful Force users. After all, it takes a lot of power to create someone like Rey!

Who Is Reys Parents?

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Who are Rey’S Actual Parents?

The answer to this question is still unknown, as Rey’s parents have not been revealed in any of the films or books yet. However, there are many theories about who they could be. Some believe that she is the daughter of Luke Skywalker, while others think she may be related to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

There are also those who believe that Rey is a Palpatine, making her the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine. No matter who Rey’s parents turn out to be, it will surely be a huge surprise for fans of the franchise.

Who is Rey’S Mother And Father?

Rey’s mother and father are unknown. Rey was abandoned on the planet Jakku when she was a child and she doesn’t know who her parents are. There has been much speculation about Rey’s parentage, but nothing has been confirmed.

It is possible that Rey is related to Obi-Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker, but this has not been confirmed.

How are Rey’S Parents Related to Palpatine?

When it comes to Rey’s parents and their relationship to Palpatine, things are a bit complicated. First of all, we don’t know for sure who Rey’s parents are. Theories abound, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

It’s possible that Rey is Palpatine’s granddaughter, but again, this is just speculation at this point.What we do know is that Palpatine was obsessed with creating powerful Force-users. He believed that the strongest Jedi would be able to harness the power of the dark side and become even more powerful than he was.

In order to achieve this goal, Palpatine conducted experiments on various Force-sensitive individuals, including children.It’s possible that Rey’s parents were among those experimented on by Palpatine. If so, it would explain why they abandoned her on Jakku and why she feels such a strong connection to him (and the dark side of the Force).

Again, though, this is all just speculation until we get more information from Lucasfilm or J.J Abrams.

How is Rey Related to Luke Skywalker?

Rey is a Jakku scavenger who discovers her long-forgotten connection to the Jedi when she meets Luke Skywalker. Rey’s parents are unknown, but it’s possible that she is related to Luke through his father, Anakin Skywalker. If Rey is indeed Anakin’s granddaughter, then she would be Lukes’ niece.

However, this has not been confirmed by Lucasfilm and is merely speculation at this point.

Everything We Know About Rey’s Parents

Who Killed Rey’S Parents

Rey’s parents are a mystery. We don’t know who they are or what happened to them. All we know is that they abandoned Rey on Jakku when she was just a child.

So who killed Rey’s parents? There are a few theories out there, but the truth is, we don’t really know. It’s possible that they were killed by the First Order, or perhaps even by Kylo Ren himself.

But it’s also possible that they’re still alive somewhere, hiding from their past.The bottom line is, we just don’t know. And that’s part of what makes Rey such an intriguing character.

She’s searching for answers just like we are, and hopefully someday we’ll find out the truth about her parents once and for all.

Who is Rey’S Mother

Rey’s mother is a mystery. She could be anyone. She could be a Jedi, she could be a Sith, she could be a random person in the galaxy.

We don’t know who Rey’s mother is, but we do know that she is important. Rey was left on Jakku by her mother for some reason and she has been waiting for her return ever since.

Rey’S Parents Explained

Rey’s parents have been a subject of much speculation since she was first introduced in The Force Awakens. There are many theories about who they are and what happened to them, but we finally have some answers.Rey’s mother is named Lor San Tekka and she was a member of the Church of the Force.

She met Rey’s father, Kylo Ren, when he was still known as Ben Solo. They fell in love and had a child together, but things quickly went sour between them. Kylo Ren turned to the dark side and killed his own father, Han Solo.

This drove a wedge between him and Lor San Tekka, causing her to flee with Rey.Kylo Ren tracked them down, but Lor San Tekka refused to tell him where they were going. He killed her instead, leaving Rey an orphan on Jakku.

As for Rey’s father, it’s still unclear who he is or what happened to him. Some believe he is Luke Skywalker, while others think he could be someone else entirely. Whoever he is, one thing is for sure: Rey is strong with the force because of her parents.

Who is Rey the Daughter of

Rey the Daughter of is a popular character in the Star Wars universe. She is a strong and powerful Jedi who has been trained by Luke Skywalker. Rey is a skilled fighter and has helped the Resistance in their fight against the First Order.

Her parents are unknown, but she was abandoned on Jakku when she was just a child. Rey has faced many challenges in her life, but she has always remained positive and hopeful. She is an inspiration to everyone who meets her.


Rey’s parentage is a big mystery in the Star Wars universe. Many fans have speculated who her parents could be, but we still don’t know for sure. Some believe that she is the daughter of Luke Skywalker, while others think she could be the child of Han Solo and Leia Organa.

There are many theories out there, but we will just have to wait and see what happens in the upcoming films.