Who Is Nyx Parents?

Who Is Nyx Parents
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Nyx’s parents are not directly mentioned in any of the Greek myths about her. Ancient scholars believed that Nyx was a primordial goddess, meaning she existed before gods and mortals. It is thought that Nyx had no parents but was instead born from Chaos, the void before creation when only darkness existed.

This belief is supported by Hesiod’s Theogony which states that after Chaos came “black-winged Night” (Nyx). Thus it could be said that Nyx’s parent is Chaos itself. Other sources claim Nyx to be daughter of Erebus or Aether and Hemera respectively, two other primordial gods who were born at the same time as chaos itself according to ancient mythology.

Nyx is an ancient Greek goddess, often associated with the night and darkness. Her parents are most commonly believed to be Chaos, the formless void that existed before creation or Gaia (the Earth). Nyx was born during the time of creation when she emerged from Chaos along with her siblings Erebus (Darkness) and Aether (Light).

This suggests that Chaos may have been her parent as it’s impossible for Nyx to emerge from nothing.

Nyx Goddess Story

Nyx is a goddess of the night in Greek mythology. She was born from Chaos and became one of the primordial deities, along with her brother Erebus who represented darkness. Nyx embodied the shadows and mysteries that lurk beyond daylight hours, being both beautiful and terrifying at once.

Her powers were so great that even Zeus feared her; it was said that no god or mortal could resist her will when she made an appearance. As such, she often remained unseen in order to keep balance amongst mortals and gods alike.

Who Is Nyx Parents?

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Who is Nyx the Daughter Of?

Nyx is the daughter of Erebus, the primeval god of darkness in Greek mythology. Nyx was a powerful goddess who symbolized the night and existed before other gods. She served as a creative force, weaving together all aspects of life with her dark threads.

In some accounts she created many of the gods, including Zeus and Aphrodite. She also had several children, including Thanatos (death), Hypnos (sleep), Nemesis (vengeance) and Epiphron (prudence). Nyx’s influence on ancient Greek culture cannot be overstated; she was seen as a divine being responsible for governing fear, death, chaos and even fate itself.

In modern times she has been represented in literature and art as both an alluring beauty capable of inspiring love or dread depending on her moods.

Who is Nyx the Mother Of?

Nyx is the mother of Erebus (the god of darkness), Aether (the god of light and air) and Hemera (the goddess of day). Nyx is an ancient Greek primordial deity, a personification of night. She was seen as being especially powerful and influential, playing a role in many important events in mythology.

In Homer’s Odyssey she appears as the bringer of dreams to mortals, while in Hesiod’s Theogony she gives birth to numerous deities. Nyx was also seen as a source of protection for those who worshipped her, providing comfort and solace during difficult times. In addition to these roles, Nyx was believed to be responsible for both creating chaos and then restoring harmony through her calming presence.

As such, she embodies both death and rebirth – something that made her revered by many ancient cultures around the world.

Who is Nyx Mother And Father?

Nyx’s mother and father are the primordial deities Erebus (god of darkness) and Nyx (goddess of night). According to Greek mythology, Nyx is one of the first gods who emerged from Chaos. She was born without any assistance or involvement by any other deity or titan.

Her parents were two powerful figures in the world of Ancient Greece, representing respectively dark and light, chaos and order. Together they created a powerful symbol that has been used throughout history as an inspiration for artists, writers, philosophers, poets and myth-makers alike. As mother night goddess she is often depicted with stars in her hair while her father Erebus brings gloominess wherever he goes.

Together they embody both sides of life’s duality; creation and destruction, daybreak and dusk – a beautiful representation of life’s eternal cycle.

How is Nyx Related to Hades?

Nyx is the ancient Greek goddess of night and darkness, who was born from Chaos. She is the daughter of Erebus, and sister to Aether (light) and Hemera (day). Nyx has a close relationship with Hades, god of the Underworld.

He often sought her counsel in his decisions as ruler of the Underworld. In addition, it was said that she wept tears of black ambrosia which were used by Hades to create some of his most powerful creatures such as Cerberus and Gorgons. Nyx also had two offspring with Hades: Thanatos (the personification death), Hypnos (the god of sleep), and Momus (the god responsible for mocking humans).

Through these children, Nyx further cemented her role as an important figure in both life and death cycles within Greek mythology.Nyx’s complex relationship with Hades reveals just how deeply intertwined their respective realms are. Throughout history, they have remained closely linked – not only through their familial ties but also through their shared influence over mortality itself.

As goddesses who reflected duality within life-death cycles, Nyx & Hades embodied both sides equally – forming a connection that remains strong even today.

The Children of Nyx and Erebus – WILD Greek Mythology Family Tree


In conclusion, Nyx’s parents remain a mystery. While some sources point to Erebus and Night as her parents, other sources disagree. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question yet and it may never be known who Nyx’s true parents are.

Regardless of the lack of certainty surrounding her origin story, one thing remains clear: Nyx has become an iconic figure in Greek mythology that will continue to fascinate us for years to come.