Who Is James Charles Parents?

Who Is James Charles Parents
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James Charles is an American internet personality and makeup artist. He was born on May 23, 1999 in Bethlehem, New York to his parents. His mother, Christine M. Moffit-Mariotte is a clinical nurse specialist and his father Scott C. Mariotte is a successful business executive in the pharmaceutical industry.

Both parents are supportive of James’ career in makeup artistry and have allowed him to pursue it since he was very young. They even bought him his first professional camera when he started making YouTube videos at age 13! James has credited both of them for helping him get to where he is today – from launching his own products line with Morphe Cosmetics to becoming one of the most sought after beauty influencers around the world!

James Charles is the son of two parents, Jeff and Christie Charles. His father works in the IT industry while his mother is a former high school art teacher. Growing up, James was encouraged to pursue his creative dreams and passions by his supportive family who have always been there for him throughout every step of his journey.

He often credits them for providing him with constant love and guidance as he continues to make a name for himself in the beauty industry!

James Charles Husband

James Charles Husband is a popular YouTuber who posts funny and educational videos about relationships, marriage and family topics. He has gained millions of subscribers over the years due to his relatable content which has become even more popular as he recently tied the knot with his now-husband, Jason Nash. The couple married in an intimate ceremony in 2018 and have been sharing their journey together ever since.

Who Is James Charles Parents?

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Who is James Charles Real Parents?

James Charles’ real parents are James and Nicola Charles. James is a graphic designer, and Nicola works in the entertainment industry as an art director. They raised their son in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

In his YouTube videos, Charles often speaks about his close relationship with his parents, citing them as major influences on him and his decision to pursue a career in makeup artistry. He has also expressed gratitude for their support of his creative endeavours, noting that they have always been encouraging when it comes to exploring new ideas or trying something different. As he began building a successful career online, Charles’s parents regularly appeared alongside him at events such as meet-and-greets and conventions where they could show off their son’s accomplishments to family friends and fans alike.

It’s clear that both James and Nicola have played integral roles in the success of one of today’s most influential beauty influencers—their very own son!

Who is James Charles Real Mom?

James Charles’ real mom is named Christie Cash-Dodd. She raised him as a single mother in Bethlehem, New York. Christie has been an integral part of James’ success and continues to be a major supporter of his career.

She attends many of his events and proudly promotes her son’s makeup tutorials on social media. In addition to being his mother, she also serves as one of James’ closest friends—a relationship that he cherishes deeply and often celebrates publicly on YouTube and Instagram. Without the unconditional love, support, and guidance from Christie during his childhood and young adulthood, it’s very likely that we would not have been able to witness the meteoric rise of this truly remarkable beauty guru today!

What Did James Charles Parents Do?

James Charles’ parents, Jim and Christie Charles, both had careers in the beauty industry. Jim is a successful hairdresser in New York City while Christie was an established makeup artist. Together they created their own beauty business where they sold products like hair extensions and cosmetics to customers from all over the world.

This business enabled them to provide James with the opportunity to pursue his passion for makeup artistry and eventually become one of the most recognizable faces in modern day beauty culture. Through hard work and determination, James has been able to take advantage of this opportunity given by his parents and turn it into a multi-million dollar empire that spans across multiple industries within the beauty space including cosmetics, fashion apparel, YouTube videos, social media influencer campaigns, product collaborations and more. Although it’s clear that James has achieved success through his own efforts, he wouldn’t have gotten this far without support from his parents who helped create a foundation upon which he could build an empire.

Who is James Charles Family?

James Charles’ family consists of his parents, Greg and Christine Charles, and his two sisters, Emma and Izzy. His mother is a professional makeup artist who inspired him to pursue his passion for beauty. He also has four dogs named Ladybug, Dior, Coco Chanel and Prada.

James Charles comes from a very supportive family that has encouraged him in all of his endeavors throughout the years. From a young age, James was exposed to the world of beauty thanks to his mother’s career which helped foster his love for makeup artistry at an early age. His family have been incredibly supportive on this journey that he has taken with them by his side every step of the way – providing emotional support as well as financial assistance when needed.

Despite their encouragement over the years however it wasn’t until recently that they started fully realizing just how successful James had become – something they are obviously proud of!

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In conclusion, James Charles’ parents are named Gordon and Sally Charles. They both have been very supportive of their son’s career in makeup and cosmetology since he was a young teenager. Despite not being featured on any of his social media accounts or promotional campaigns, they have still supported him in other ways throughout his journey to success.

It is clear that the love and support from his parents has been instrumental for James Charles as he continues to pursue a successful career path in the beauty industry.