Who Are Voldemorts Parents?

Who Are Voldemorts Parents
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Voldemort’s parents are Merope Gaunt and Tom Riddle Sr. Merope was a witch born into the pure-blood family, the House of Gaunt. She fell in love with Muggle Tom Riddle Sr., but he refused to marry her due to her magical abilities.

Through coercion, she used a love potion on him and they were married soon after. After giving birth to Voldemort (Tom Marvolo Riddle), Merope died shortly afterward from severe depression caused by abandoning her magic and living among Muggles for so many years. Tom never knew of his son’s existence as he had already left before Voldemort was ever born.

Voldemort, one of the most notorious villains in literature, is shrouded in mystery. While much about him is known from J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series, his background remains largely unknown. One of the few things that we do know about Voldemort is who his parents were: Tom Riddle Senior and Merope Gaunt.

Although little information is revealed surrounding them or their relationship with Voldemort, it was clear to readers that they had a tumultuous marriage which sadly ended when Merope died during childbirth.

Voldemort’s Parents: The Origins of Tom and Merope

Is Queenie Voldemort’S Mother

No, Queenie is not Voldemort’s mother. Voldemort was the only child of Tom Riddle Sr. and Merope Gaunt, a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. Although Queenie may have some connection to Lord Voldemort through her distant relationship with the House of Gaunt, she is not his biological mother nor any other relative by blood or marriage.

Who Are Voldemorts Parents?

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What is the Story behind Voldemort’S Parents?

Voldemort’s parents were a Muggle named Tom Riddle and a witch named Merope Gaunt. Merope was from an old wizarding family that had fallen on hard times, while Tom was the son of a wealthy Muggle family. Despite their different social statuses, they fell in love and eloped.

However, shortly after the marriage took place, Merope used magic to coerce her new husband into staying with her out of fear he would leave once he realized he had been tricked. Unfortunately for them both, it didn’t work as planned; Tom eventually left his wife alone and destitute when she refused to lift the enchantment. Their baby boy, Voldemort (also known as Tom Marvolo Riddle), was born soon afterwards in 1926 at Wool’s Orphanage in London – abandoned by his father and mother who never returned for him.

The tragic story behind Voldemort’s parents serves as a reminder of how dark magic can have terrible consequences if not wielded responsibly or ethically. It also provides insight into why Voldemort turned out to be such an evil and powerful character – having suffered abandonment by his own parents at an early age may have fueled his ambition to seek power above all else later in life. Ultimately this backstory serves as an important piece of context which helps us understand more about the motivations behind one of literature’s most iconic villains: Lord Voldemort himself!

What Happened to Lord Voldemort’S Parents?

Lord Voldemort’s parents were Merope Gaunt and Tom Riddle Sr. Merope was a witch who, out of obsession with the non-magical Tom, used a love potion to make him marry her. Shortly after their marriage, however, she stopped using the potion which caused Tom to abandon her and return to his family home.

She gave birth to Lord Voldemort shortly afterwards in an orphanage before dying soon afterward from malnutrition and despair.

Who is Voldemort’S Father?

Voldemort’s father is Tom Riddle Sr. He was a Muggle who had an affair with Merope Gaunt, a member of the House of Gaunt that was descended from Salazar Slytherin and one of the last living pure-blood families in Britain. Tom married Merope shortly after she gave birth to Voldemort, but he soon left her when he realized she had used magic on him during their courtship.

This abandonment led to Merope’s eventual death and left young Voldemort alone and without any familial support or love as he grew up. In his adult years, Voldemort never fully acknowledged his father nor did he ever seek out any kind of relationship with him due to the resentment that had built up over time.In addition to being Voldemort’s biological father, Tom Riddle Sr also unknowingly passed down some powerful magical abilities which would later influence how Voldemort would use his power for evil purposes.

How is Voldemort the Heir of Slytherin?

Voldemort is the heir of Slytherin because he was born a half-blood, and therefore inherited some of Salazar Slytherin’s traits. He also had a strong affinity for Parseltongue, which is an ability that only those who are descended from Slytherin possess. Furthermore, Voldemort’s ambition to restore pure-blood dominance in the wizarding world reflects many of Salazar Slytherin’s own views on blood purity.

Finally, it is widely believed that Voldemort possesses one of the fabled Horcruxes; pieces of his soul stored inside powerful magical objects created by none other than Salazar himself. Through these inheritances from his ancestor, Tom Marvolo Riddle (the birth name and identity taken up by Lord Voldemort) has become one with both the power and legacy left behind by Salazar Slytherin – making him his rightful heir.


In conclusion, the mystery of Voldemort’s parentage is still a hotly debated topic in the Harry Potter fandom. While JK Rowling has never definitively stated who his parents are, there are various theories and fan speculations about Voldemort’s heritage. Ultimately, it seems that we may never know for sure who his parents were, but that hasn’t stopped fans from endlessly debating this intriguing topic.