Who Are Thanos Parents?

Who Are Thanos Parents
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Thanos is a fictional supervillain appearing in Marvel Comics. He is the son of Eternals A’Lars and Sui-San, both of whom are members of an ancient race known as the Eternals. His father A’Lars, also known as Mentor, was the leader of all Eternals on Titan while his mother Sui-San was a scientist who studied cosmic forces and their effects on living beings.

Thanos inherited his parents’ powers which included superhuman strength, speed, agility and immortality. As well as this he had access to various other abilities such as telepathy and teleportation due to being part Eternal/part deviant hybrid. His parents were killed by one of Thanos’s own brothers when they attempted to prevent him from enacting his plan for universal domination.

Thanos is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe and his origin story has intrigued fans for years. His parents are Eternals, a species of superpowered beings who were born millions of years ago. His father was Mentor, leader of the Eternals on Titan, while his mother was Sui-San, an Eternal from Earth.

Thanos inherited a range of abilities from both parents, including superhuman strength and durability as well as cosmic energy manipulation and telekinesis. He is truly a force to be reckoned with!

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A’Lars And Sui-San

A’Lars and Sui-San are two characters from the Marvel Comics universe, specifically in the Thor series. They are natives of a planet known as Titan, which is home to a race of technologically advanced beings called Eternals. A’Lars is the father of Thanos, one of the most powerful villains in comics history.

Sui-San is A’Lars wife and mother to both Thanos and his half-brother Starfox. Both A’Lars and Sui-San have abilities that stem from their Eternal heritage such as superhuman strength, speed, flight and durability as well as immortality.

Who Are Thanos Parents?

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Who is Thanos Mother And Father?

Thanos’ mother is Sui-San and his father is A’Lars, also known as Mentor. Mentor was a member of an ancient race of Eternals that lived on the planet Titan. Thanos inherited many of their superhuman abilities, such as enhanced strength and immortality.

Sui-San was a human woman from Earth who had been abducted by A’Lars during one of his visits to the planet. Together they created the powerful being that would become known as Thanos – a character with immense power and ambition whose ultimate goal is to bring balance to the universe through whatever means necessary. In addition to his extraordinary powers, Thanos has also gained access to numerous advanced technologies from both his parents’ respective civilizations which further increase his formidable capabilities.

Who is the Real Father of Thanos?

The real father of Thanos is A’Lars, also known as Mentor. He was a member of the Eternals, a race of superpowered beings from Titan who were created by cosmic entities called Celestials. A’Lars was born with the ability to manipulate matter and energy and used these abilities to become one of the most powerful members of his people.

As leader of Titan’s ruling council, he developed advanced technologies that enabled him to travel through space-time and explore distant galaxies. During one such journey, he encountered Sui-San – an Eternal who would eventually become Thanos’s mother – and they fell in love. Together they had two sons: Thane (who died shortly after birth) and Thanos; A’Lars was their proud father for many years before disappearing without a trace when Thanos was still young.

Is Thanos a Titan Or an Eternal?

Thanos is an Eternal, not a Titan. The Eternals are a race of humanoid immortals who were created by the Celestials, powerful cosmic entities. They possess superhuman strength and durability, as well as other powers including flight, telepathy, teleportation and energy manipulation.

Thanos was born on Saturn’s moon Titan to two members of the Eternals, A’lars and Sui-San. He grew up in a society where violence was commonplace and quickly developed an obsession with death and power. Throughout his life he sought out ways to increase his own power while also trying to gain control over all living beings in the universe.

Despite being an Eternal himself, Thanos views himself more closely with his home planet Titans due to its similarities between him; both having immortality and incredible power but never fully reaching their potential or achieving true greatness until it’s too late for either side. Ultimately though it’s clear that Thanos is indeed an Eternal due to his parentage and connection with them throughout his lifetime so far within Marvel Comics Universe lore .

Are Thanos Parents Both Eternals?

Yes, Thanos’ parents are both Eternals. The Titan race of people known as the Eternals were created by the cosmic entities known as Celestials when they visited Earth millions of years ago and experimented on early humans. Thanos is a product of this experiment, with his mother Sui-San being an Eternal and his father A’Lars also being an Eternal from Saturn’s moon Titan.

Being born to two powerful Eternals gave Thanos incredible strength, intelligence, and resilience that made him stand out amongst other Titans in many ways. He was able to manipulate matter at will which allowed him to bring forth his plan for universal balance through destruction: The Infinity Gauntlet storyline. Through sheer force of will, he managed to obtain all six infinity stones and use them together to wipe out half of all life in the universe – a feat no other mortal or immortal had ever accomplished before!


This blog post has provided an in-depth look at Thanos’ mysterious parentage. It is clear that his mother Sui-San is a member of the Eternals, and his father is unknown. This information provides insight into the character’s background, as well as some possible explanations for why he chose to become so powerful and destructive.

While many questions remain unanswered, it can be said with certainty that Thanos was born of two very different parents – one from a race of powerful cosmic beings, and another who remains shrouded in mystery.