Who Are Norah Jones Parents?

Who Are Norah Jones Parents
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Norah Jones is an American singer and songwriter who has been active since the early 2000s. Her parents are Ravi Shankar, a world-renowned sitar player from India, and Sue Jones, an American concert producer of Welsh descent. Both of her parents met in 1966 when Ravi was touring with George Harrison in California and married shortly after that.

Norah has English, Indian, Spanish-Cuban and Irish ancestry through her father’s side while she inherited German roots from her mother’s side. The couple had two children together; Norah being their first born daughter in 1979 followed by a son named Anoushka Shankar three years later.

Norah Jones is the daughter of international superstar Ravi Shankar and Sue Jones. Ravi Shankar was a world-renowned sitar virtuoso, composer and teacher from India who was one of the leading cultural figures in the 20th century. He collaborated with some of music’s greatest performers including George Harrison of The Beatles, and he passed away in 2012 at age 92.

Norah’s mother Sue Jones is an American concert producer who has worked on numerous events throughout her career such as Woodstock ’94, Farm Aid, and US Tours for Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and John Mellencamp among others. She also produced television specials for musicians like Sting and Peter Gabriel.

The life and times of Norah Jones

Norah Jones Husband

Norah Jones is married to singer-songwriter and guitarist, Seth MacFarlane. They married in August 2019 after being together since 2018. The couple has a daughter together named Mary James born in February 2020.

Both Norah and Seth have expressed their dedication to one another, stating that they “love each other deeply” and are excited for the future of their family.

Who Are Norah Jones Parents?

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What is Norah Jones’S Ethnicity?

Norah Jones is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Her ethnicity is half Indian and half Caucasian; her father is a Bengali Indian, while her mother is of European descent. She was born in Brooklyn, New York to a musical family.

Her parents met while they were both studying music at the University of North Texas. Norah’s multi-ethnic upbringing has certainly played a role in shaping both her sound and career as an artist, as she frequently draws from different cultural influences when creating new music. From the bluesy roots of jazz to the breezy pop sensibilities of modern day R&B, Norah Jones’ sound embodies a range of genres that transcends labels or borders – which goes hand in hand with her own diverse heritage.

Who is Norah Jones’S Mom?

Norah Jones’s mom is the Indian sitar player and composer Ravi Shankar. Shankar was a world-renowned musician who influenced many genres of music, including jazz and rock, during his lifetime. He was well known for introducing the sitar to western audiences through collaborations with The Beatles in the 1960s.

Norah Jones grew up surrounded by her father’s influence over music, learning to sing from a young age. She often performed duets with him on stage at concerts before he passed away in 2012. Although she never had the opportunity to collaborate musically with her mother, she has said that growing up around such influential musicians has been an important part of her life and career as an artist today.

Who was Norah Jones Mother And Father?

Norah Jones’ mother is the famous Indian singer and concert producer Sue Jones, known for her work with Ravi Shankar. Her father was a white American musician named Garth Hudson. Garth was part of the Canadian rock band The Band, which achieved great success during the 1960s and 1970s.

Norah’s parents met in London in 1967 while working on separate projects with Ravi Shankar. They wed two months later and welcomed their daughter Norah into the world on March 30, 1979.The blend of East-meets-West culture has been a driving force behind Norah’s sound throughout her career – something that can be attributed to both her mother’s South Asian influences as well as her father’s folk roots from his time spent playing music with The Band.

Both Sue Jones and Garth Hudson had successful musical careers before they gave birth to one of today’s most renowned jazz singers; it is no wonder then that Norah inherited their immense talent, creating timeless records that have become beloved by fans all over the world.

Did Norah Jones Have a Relationship With Her Father?

Yes, Norah Jones had a relationship with her father. The two were very close throughout Norah’s childhood and teenage years. In interviews, she has talked about how her dad was one of the first people to encourage her musical ambitions, buying her piano lessons and taking her to concerts as a young girl.

He also inspired some of Norah’s music; for instance the song “My Dear Country” from her debut album was written in response to his death in 1999. Throughout their time together they shared many memories that would shape Norah into the successful artist she is today.


In conclusion, while Norah Jones’ parents are not well-known celebrities, they have still had a major influence on her life and career. Her father is the famous Indian musician Ravi Shankar and her mother is Sue Jones, an American concert producer. Together, their love for music has helped shape Norah into the successful musician she is today.