Who Are Marys Parents?

Who Are Marys Parents
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The Virgin Mary was born to Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, who were both from the House of David. Saint Anne was barren for many years, but prayed for a child and was eventually blessed with the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary is sometimes referred to as “the daughter of Saint Anne”.

In the Bible, Mary is the mother of Jesus. But who are her parents?The answer may surprise you.

According to the Bible, Mary’s parents are named Joachim and Anne. Nowhere in the Bible does it give us any other information about them, but we do know that they were devout Jews who were looking forward to the coming of the Messiah.It’s interesting to note that although Mary is a very important figure in Christianity, we don’t know a whole lot about her early life.

We do know that she was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus, and that she was betrothed to Joseph before that. Other than that, though, we don’t really have any details about her childhood or what her life was like before meeting and marrying Joseph.So while we may not know much about Mary’s parents, we can certainly understand why they would be so excited for their daughter to be chosen as the mother of the Savior.

What an incredible honor!


Genealogy of Mary, Mother of Jesus

The genealogy of Mary, mother of Jesus, can be found in the Gospel of Luke (3:23-38). Luke traces Mary’s lineage all the way back to Adam, the first man. This is significant because it shows that Mary was a descendant of King David, as well as a direct relative of Jesus.

Interestingly, Luke also includes five women in Mary’s genealogy: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary herself. This is significant because it goes against the grain of what was typically done at the time – which was to only include men in one’s genealogy. By including women, Luke is showing that everyone – both men and women – are important in God’s plan.

Mary’s genealogy is an important part of her story because it shows that she was not only a descendant of King David (and therefore eligible to be the Messiah), but also a direct relative of Jesus. It also highlights the fact that God uses both men and women to carry out his plan – something that would have been very unusual at the time this Gospel was written.

Joachim Father of Mary

Joachim is the traditional name of Mary’s father. He is not mentioned in the Bible, but his story comes from early Christian tradition. Joachim was a wealthy member of the Tribe of Judah who lived in Jerusalem with his wife, Anne.

They were both devout Jews who were childless in their old age.One day, Joachim went to offer a sacrifice at the Temple and was turned away by a priest because he did not have a son to offer as a firstborn sacrifice. This deeply troubled Joachim and he went into the desert to fast and pray for guidance.

An angel appeared to him and told him that his prayers had been heard and that he would have a child. The angel also said that this child would be blessed by God and would be the mother of the Messiah.Joachim returned home to his wife Anne and they soon had a baby girl whom they named Mary.

As prophesied, Mary became pregnant with Jesus without ever knowing a man (i.e., she was a virgin).

Is Heli the Father of Mary

In the Bible, there is no mention of who Mary’s father is. However, some people believe that Heli may be her father based on a passage in the Gospel of Luke. In Luke 3:23, it says that Jesus was “about thirty years old” when he began his ministry.

Since Mary was probably around the same age, this would mean that she was born around 3 BCE. Now, if we look at another passage in Luke 1:5-7, it says that Zechariah and Elizabeth (John the Baptist’s parents) were “both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless.” This means they were likely married for quite some time before John was born.

So if we assume that Zechariah and Elizabeth were married around 25 BCE (which is a pretty reasonable assumption), then Mary must have been born around 5 BCE. But wait! There’s one more piece of evidence to consider.

In Matthew 1:16, it says that Joseph was “of the house and lineage of David.” Nowhere does it say anything about him being related to Mary. So what does this mean?

Well, some people think that since Joseph wasn’t related to Mary, Heli must have been her father instead. This would explain why Jesus was sometimes called “the son of David” (Matthew 1:1) even though Joseph wasn’t his biological father.So there you have it!

Some pretty compelling evidence that Heli may have been Mary’s father after all. Of course, we can’t say for sure since the Bible doesn’t explicitly state who her father was but it’s definitely an interesting theory to consider!

Where was Mary Born

Most historians believe that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was born in Bethlehem. This is based on a number of factors, including the fact that:-Bethlehem was the city of David, and Mary was from the line of David.

It would make sense that she would be born in his hometown. -The Gospels state that Jesus was born in Bethlehem (Luke 2:4-7). If this is true, then it’s likely that Mary was also born there.

-There were no other cities called Bethlehem in Palestine at the time, so it’s unlikely that any other city is meant when Bethlehem is mentioned in relation to Mary’s birth.

Who Are Marys Parents?

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Who is Mary’S Parents in the Bible?

In the Bible, Mary is the mother of Jesus. She is not mentioned by name in the Gospels, but her existence is assumed throughout the New Testament. The earliest reference to Mary is in the Gospel of Luke, which tells the story of John the Baptist’s birth.

His father, Zechariah, was visited by an angel who told him that his wife Elizabeth would bear a son and that they were to name him John. The angel also said that John would be “a light for revelation to the Gentiles” (Luke 1:32).This passage indicates that Mary was already married to Joseph at the time of Jesus’ conception.

In Matthew’s Gospel, Joseph is told by an angel in a dream that Mary has been “overshadowed” by the Holy Spirit and that he should take her as his wife (Matthew 1:20-21). This implies that Joseph knew about Mary’s pregnancy before Jesus was born.The only other mention of Mary in the Gospels is when she appears at the wedding feast at Cana with Jesus (John 2:1-11).

After this, she disappears from Scripture altogether. However, we know from other sources outside of Scripture that she continued to play an important role in early Christianity. For example, Paul greetings her in his letter to Romans (16:6), and Mark includes her among those who witnessed Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection (Mark 15:40-41; 16:1).

Who is the Father of Mary the Mother of Jesus?

The Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit without a human father. According to Exodus 6:3 and Matthew 1:1-17, both of which are quoted in the New Testament, Mary’s husband Joseph was not the biological father of Jesus. In Luke 1:26-38, the angel Gabriel tells Mary that she will conceive and bear a son even though she is a virgin.

This means that while Joseph was legally and culturally considered to be Jesus’ father (and is therefore referred to as such in the Gospels), he was not his biological father.

Who is Mary’S Mom in the Bible?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the Bible does not provide us with any specific information about Mary’s mother. However, there are a few possible contenders for the title. Some believe that Mary’s mother was likely Anna, as she is mentioned in Luke 2:36-38 as being present at Jesus’ birth and later at the temple when he is presented to the Lord.

Another possibility is that Mary’s mother was named Joachim, as he is traditionally identified as her father in many apocryphal texts. It is also possible that Mary’s mother was simply unnamed in the Bible, as there are several women who are only mentioned by their husband’s name (e.g. Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel).Ultimately, we cannot say for sure who Mary’s mother was in the Bible.

However, there are a few possibilities worth considering.

Who were the Parents of Mary And Joseph?

The Virgin Mary was born to Anne and Joachim, who were from the House of David. Anne is believed to have been a descendant of King David herself. Joseph, meanwhile, was the son of Jacob, who was also from the House of David.

There is some debate over whether or not Joseph was actually Jesus’ biological father, as many believe that he was simply chosen by God to be a foster father for Jesus.


The Bible is clear that Mary was a young woman of marriageable age when she became pregnant with Jesus. The gospel of Luke tells us that Mary was betrothed to Joseph, a carpenter, at the time she conceived (Luke 1:27). This means that their engagement had been formally announced and they were considered legally married, although they were not yet living together.

Although we don’t know much about Mary’s family, the Bible does give us some information about her parents. Her father’s name was Joachim (Luke 3:23-38), and he was from the tribe of Judah. We know nothing else about him, but tradition has it that he was a wealthy man who later became a monk.

Mary’s mother was named Anne (Luke 2:36-38), although she is sometimes called Hannah in Scripture. She was also from the tribe of Judah, and like her husband, very little is known about her. Tradition has it that she too later became a nun.