Who Are Hercules Parents?

Who Are Hercules Parents
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Hercules was the son of Zeus, king of the Olympian gods, and Alcmena, a mortal woman. Hercules was born with superhuman strength and power. He was raised on Mount Olympus and educated by the centaur Chiron.

As an adult, Hercules married Deianeira and had children with her.

Hercules is one of the most popular characters from Greek mythology. He is known for his incredible strength and for his twelve labors, which he completed as punishment for killing his family. But who are Hercules parents?

Hercules was the son of Zeus, the king of the gods, and Alcmene, a mortal woman. Zeus fell in love with Alcmene and took on the form of her husband, Amphitryon, in order to seduce her. She became pregnant with Hercules as a result of their union.

When Hera, Zeus’s wife, found out about the affair she was enraged. She vowed to take revenge on both Hercules and Alcmene. Heracles was born prematurely as a result of Hera’s interference and he was not expected to survive.

However, he was nursed back to health by two nymphs sent by Zeus.Hera continued to try to kill Hercules throughout his life. She even sent snakes into his crib when he was an infant but he strangled them with his bare hands!

As punishment for killing his family, Hercules was required to complete twelve labors. These were incredibly difficult tasks that no mortal man could hope to accomplish but Hercules succeeded through sheer force of will and strength.Although best known for his heroic deeds, Hercules was also capable of great violence and rage.

This darker side of his character is often overshadowed by his more positive attributes but it is an important part of who he is nonetheless.

Who Are Hercules Parents?

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Who is Hercules Father And Mother?

Hercules is the son of Zeus and Hera. As the story goes, Zeus had an affair with a mortal woman named Alcmene. Hera found out about the affair and was so angry that she cursed Alcmene’s womb, causing her to give birth prematurely.

When Hercules was born, he was weak and small. Hera tried to kill him but Zeus intervened and saved his life. Hercules grew up to be a strong and courageous man.

He is best known for his twelve labors, which he completed as part of his redemption from killing his wife and children in a fit of madness.

Who is Hercules Real Mother?

Hercules is one of the most popular figures in Greek mythology. He is best known for his 12 labors, which included slaying the Nemean Lion and defeating the multi-headed Hydra. But who was Hercules real mother?

Most people assume that Hercules was the son of Zeus, the king of the gods. However, this is not actually true. Zeus did play a part in Hercules’ life, but he was not his father.

Instead, Hercules’ father was a mortal man named Amphitryon. Amphitryon was the king of Tiryns, a city in Greece. His wife was Alcmene, a beautiful woman who had been blessed with immortality by Hera (the queen of the gods).

Alcmene became pregnant with Hercules after Zeus came to her disguised as her husband and tricked her into sleeping with him. When Amphitryon found out about this affair, he was understandably upset. However, Hera intervened and convinced him to accept Hercules as his own son.

Interestingly enough, another god also played a role in Hercules’ birth: Hermes (the messenger god). It was Hermes who delivered Zeus’ seed to Alcmene’s womb on behalf of his father. As such, he is sometimes referred to as Hercules’ “true” father.

Where are Hercules Parents From?

Hercules is the son of Zeus, the king of the Olympian gods, and Hera, the queen of Olympus. His father is from Mount Olympus in Greece, and his mother is from Argos in Greece.

Is Hercules the Son of Hera?

No, Hercules is not the son of Hera. Although Hera was his stepmother, she was not his biological mother. Hercules was the son of Zeus and Alcmena.

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Who are Hercules Parents in the Disney Movie

In the 1997 Disney movie Hercules, the title character is the son of Zeus and Hera. However, in Greek mythology, Hercules was actually the son of Zeus and Alcmene. In the film, Hercules is raised on earth by his mortal parents Amphitryon and Alcmene.

Zeus is king of the gods and Hera is his queen. They live on Mount Olympus where they preside over the other gods and mortals. Zeus is often unfaithful to Hera, which causes her much distress.

Alcmene was a human princess who lived in Greece during Hercules’ time. She was very beautiful and caught the eye of Zeus who disguised himself as her husband Amphitryon in order to seduce her. As a result of their union, Alcmene became pregnant with twins- one mortal (Iphicles) and one demigod (Hercules).

Amphitryon was Alcmene’s real husband who went off to war shortly after she became pregnant. He eventually returned home not knowing that his wife had given birth in his absence.Hercules was born with superhuman strength due to being part god/part mortal.

As a baby, he strangled two snakes sent by Hera in an attempt to kill him. When Amphitryon realized that his wife had been unfaithful, he abandoned Alcmene and their two sons; Iphicles remained with his mother while Hercules was taken to Mount Olympus where he lived with Zeus and Hera until he reached adulthood .

Who is Hercules Father

Hercules is the son of Zeus, King of the Olympians and Hera, Queen of the Olympians. He is one of the most famous heroes in Greek mythology. His adventures were chronicled by the Roman poet, Virgil.

Hercules was a strong and courageous man who performed great feats of strength. He was also known for his loyalty and sense of justice.

Hercules’ Mother Notable Aliases

Hercules’ mother was a woman of great strength and determination. She was known by many names, including Alcmene, Amphitryon’s Wife, and Jove’s Concubine. Her story is one of tragedy, love, and ultimately triumph.

Alcmene was born to Electryon, king of Mycenae and ruler of the Argolid. Her mother was Anaxo, daughter of Alcaeus. When her father died, her brothers fought over who would rule in his stead.

The kingdom was eventually divided between two of her brothers, with Alcmene’s husband Amphitryon taking control of Tiryns.Alcmene married Amphitryon shortly after he took control of Tiryns. They had two sons together: Iphicles and Hercules.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Iphicles drowned while swimming in a river. This caused Alcmene to grieve deeply for her lost son.Around the same time that Iphicles died, Zeus came to visit Alcmene disguised as her husband Amphitryon.

Zeus had been enamored with Alcmene since he first laid eyes on her and had been waiting for an opportunity to seduce her. When he finally got his chance, he slept with her without revealing his true identity. As a result of their union, Alcmene became pregnant with twins: Hercules and Alexiares (also known as Licymnius).

When Hera found out about Zeus’ affair with Alcmene, she was furious! She vowed revenge against both Zeus and Alcmene. Hera sent two snakes into the crib where the infant Hercules lay sleeping.

However, Hercules proved himself to be stronger than even Hera could have imagined when he strangled the snakes with his bare hands!Enraged that her plot had failed, Hera turned her attention to tormenting poor Amphitryon instead; driving him mad so that he killed all eight of his own sons in their sleep (including poor Iphicles). To save what little sanity remained to him, Hercules’ tutor Linus sent Amphitryon away from Tiryns until such time as he might recover from his madness . . . which sadly never happened.

Hercules Siblings

Hercules had several siblings, the most famous of which were his twin brother Pollux and his sister Helen.Pollux was born first and was thus the immortal one while Helen was born second and was mortal.Hercules also had two older brothers, Kratos and Bia, who were killed by Zeus for trying to overthrow him; as well as a younger sister, Hebe.


Hercules, also known as Heracles, was a divine hero in Greek mythology. He was the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and Alcmene, a mortal woman. Hercules is best known for his twelve labors, which were tasks assigned to him by his stepfather, King Eurystheus.

Hercules was born to Zeus and Alcmene in Thebes, Greece. His father Zeus had an affair with Alcmene while disguised as her husband Amphitryon. When Amphitryon found out about the affair he became enraged and tried to kill Hercules.

Alcmene fled with her infant son and returned to her parents’ home in Tiryns where Hercules grew up.During his childhood, Hercules was often tormented by Hera, queen of the gods and wife of Zeus. She sent snakes and other creatures to attack him but he always prevailed.

As an adult, Hercules married Megara with whom he had three children.King Eurystheus of Tiryns asked Hercules to perform twelve dangerous labors as penance for killing his family while under the influence of Hera’s madness (a story known as the Madness of Heracles). These labors included slaying the Nemean lion, defeating Hydra and capturing Cerberus among other feats.

After completing these tasks, Hercules went on to have many more adventures before finally being welcomed into Olympus by Zeus where he lived among the gods for eternity.