Who Are Barbies Parents?

Who Are Barbies Parents
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Barbie’s parents are Ruth and Elliot Handler. Ruth Handler was an entrepreneur and inventor who created Barbie in 1959, along with her husband Elliot Handler. Together they founded the Mattel toy company, which produced the famous doll.

Ruth is credited as being a major force behind the success of Barbie, as she believed that girls should have dolls to reflect their own identities rather than just existing ones offered by other toy companies at the time. Her vision has been realized over 60 years later, with millions of Barbies sold worldwide in numerous shapes, sizes and styles representing a wide variety of interests and lifestyles.

Barbie, the iconic doll that has been around for decades, is still a mystery when it comes to her family. We know she was created in 1959 by Ruth Handler and named after her daughter Barbara, but who are Barbie’s parents? While there have been different interpretations over the years of who could be Barbie’s parents – from Ken and Skipper to other dolls like Midge or even an invisible father figure – no one knows for certain.

It seems like Barbie will continue to remain an independent woman with no known parental figures.

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Are Barbie’S Parents Dead

Barbie’s parents, George and Margaret Roberts, are alive and well. They were created in 1959 by the toy company Mattel as part of the original Barbie doll line. They live with their daughter Barbie in her iconic Dream House, which was introduced to fans in 1961.

While they may not be real people, these characters have been a part of many children’s lives for over sixty years!

Who Are Barbies Parents?

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Does Barbie Have a Mom And Dad?

Yes, Barbie does have a mom and dad. Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts and she was created by Ruth Handler in 1959. Her parents are George and Margaret Roberts.

The doll was inspired by Ruth’s daughter, Barbara, who often played with paper dolls that looked like adults rather than babies or children. Barbie’s parents have appeared in various stories over the years including books, movies and cartoons. They live in Willows Wisconsin where they own a pet shop called Pet Palace Petshops as well as their home which is located on Maple Drive.

In recent years, her parents have become more involved in her life to show how families can work together to encourage each other’s dreams and aspirations no matter what age they may be at the time.

Is Barbie Skipper’S Mom?

No, Barbie is not Skipper’s mom. Barbie and Skipper are sisters, with the same parents. They have different personalities and interests that make them unique individuals within their family dynamic.

Despite their differences, they still show a strong bond of sisterhood in all their adventures together. From going on vacations to attending school events or tackling new hobbies, these two always seem to find common ground while taking on life’s challenges as siblings. As sisters they can rely on each other no matter what comes their way; whether it’s facing difficult times or simply having fun – there’s nothing like being part of a sibling relationship!

Who is Barbie And Her Sisters Parents?

Barbie and her sisters, Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea and Krissy, are the daughters of George and Margaret Roberts. George is an engineer who works in a toy factory while Margaret is a stay-at-home mom who takes care of the family’s needs. Both parents love their daughters very much and always encourage them to follow their dreams.

They provide guidance for each daughter as they navigate life’s ups and downs. As well as being supportive parents, George and Margaret also teach Barbie and her siblings important values such as kindness towards others, respect for themselves, selflessness in helping those in need, courage when faced with difficult situations or challenges ,and hard work to achieve success . With such wonderful role models like these two amazing people it’s no wonder that Barbie has been inspiring children around the world since 1959!

What Happened to Barbie’S Mom?

It is unknown what happened to Barbie’s mom. The original Barbie dolls released in 1959 did not have any back stories, so there was no explanation of where her mother could be. Over the years, as more information about Barbie and her friends has been created, it has become apparent that both of Barbie’s parents are deceased.

However, the exact circumstances surrounding their deaths remain a mystery.Over the decades since its launch in 1959, the iconic Mattel doll known as “Barbie” has become an immensely popular toy across generations of children worldwide – however much of her backstory remains mysterious and unexplained. While fans know that neither parent is alive today, we still don’t know exactly how they passed away or when this occurred – leaving many questions unanswered for curious kids who just want to get to know one of their favorite characters better!


This blog post has explored the question of who Barbie’s parents are. It has become apparent that while Mattel created the iconic doll, no definitive answer exists as to who her “real” parents are. Instead, it seems that Barbie is a reflection of different cultures and values throughout history – she is an ever-evolving character whose identity changes depending on the perspective and personal interpretation of each individual person.

Ultimately, Barbie transcends gender, ethnicity, age and other social categories; she is truly a timeless icon in our culture today.