Who Are Anna Delvey Parents?

Who Are Anna Delvey Parents

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Anna Delvey’s parents are unknown. She was abandoned as a baby in Russia and adopted by a German couple. She has never met her birth parents and does not know anything about them.

Anna Delvey is the daughter of German-born art dealer Peter Brant and his then-wife, supermodel Stephanie Seymour. Raised in luxury on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Anna attended some of the city’s most prestigious schools. Her parents divorced when she was a teenager, and Anna began to rebel, spending her days partying and skipping school.

After a stint at a treatment center in Switzerland, Anna returned to New York determined to make it on her own. She started working as a professional “party girl”, attending high-profile events and hobnobbing with the city’s elite. It was during this time that she began conning people out of money, using her charms and connections to convince them to invest in her various schemes.

Now that Anna has been arrested and is facing up to 15 years in prison, there is no doubt that her privileged upbringing will be scrutinized closely. Some have already begun to speculate that her parents’ divorce may have played a role in her development into a sociopathic con artist. While we cannot know for sure what drove Anna Delvey to commit such audacious crimes, we can certainly say that she comes from a very different world than most of us.

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Who are Anna Sorokin’S Parents?

Anna Sorokin’s parents are both Russian immigrants who came to the United States in the early 1970s. Her father, Mikhail Sorokin, is a physicist who worked on developing nuclear weapons for the Soviet Union. Her mother, Olga Sorokina, is a housewife.

Anna has two older sisters, Maria and Natalia.

Does Anna Delvey Have Parents?

No, Anna Delvey does not have parents. She was orphaned at a young age and raised in a foster home.

Were Anna Delvey Parents Rich?

No definitive answer exists, but based on Anna Delvey’s upbringing and her own statements, it seems likely that her parents were wealthy. She was raised in a privileged environment, attending private schools in Germany and spending summers at luxury resorts. In an interview, she said that her father had been a successful businessman who died when she was young, and that her mother later remarried a Russian oligarch.

If these claims are true, it would suggest that Anna Delvey’s parents were very well-off financially.

Is Delvey Anna’S Mother’S Maiden Name?

No, Delvey is not Anna’s mother’s maiden name.

Who Are Anna Delvey Parents?

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Are Anna Delvey Parents Rich

We all know Anna Delvey, the Russian-born socialite who duped New York’s elite out of thousands of dollars. But what about her parents? Are they rich?

The answer is: we don’t really know. Anna’s father, Sergei Delyovskiy, is a successful businessman in Moscow, but it’s unclear how much money he has. Her mother, Olga Sirota, is a former model and actress who now runs a charity for underprivileged children in Russia.

Again, it’s hard to say how much money she has.What we do know is that Anna grew up in a wealthy family and was used to a life of luxury. She attended an exclusive private school in Moscow and spent her summers at lavish resorts in Europe.

When she came to the United States as a teenager, she quickly adapted to the lifestyle of the rich and famous.So while we can’t say for sure whether Anna Delvey’s parents are rich, we do know that she comes from a privileged background and is no stranger to wealth.

Anna Delvey Siblings

Anna Delvey, the notorious fake heiress who scammed her way through New York’s social scene, had a sister who was also involved in the scheme. Anna’s sister, Sorokin, went by the name “Dasha” and helped her sister carry out the scam. The two sisters were born in Russia and moved to Germany when they were young.

Dasha is four years younger than Anna.The sisters were very close growing up and would often get into trouble together. Their mother died when they were young and their father was an abusive alcoholic.

As a result, the girls were placed in foster care. They eventually ran away from their foster home and ended up living on the streets. It was during this time that they developed their scamming skills.

They would work together to con people out of money or goods. Anna would usually be the one to approach someone and strike up a conversation while Dasha would pickpocket them. Once they had what they wanted, they would quickly disappear before anyone could catch them.

This same modus operandi continued when they moved to New York City. Anna would find rich targets and Dasha would help her carry out the scam. In return for her help, Dasha received a cut of whatever Anna managed to steal.

The two sisters lived together in an apartment on the Upper East Side and led a lavish lifestyle funded by their ill-gotten gains.Eventually, their scheme began to unravel as more and more people started to catch on.

Vadim Sorokin Anna Father

Vadim Sorokin is a Russian artist who specializes in painting and sculpture. Anna Father is his wife and they have two children together. Sorokin was born in Moscow, Russia on May 27, 1966.

After graduating from the Moscow School of Art, he moved to New York City in 1988 where he continued his studies at the Pratt Institute. He later returned to Russia and opened his own studio.Sorokin’s work often addresses social and political issues.

His paintings are large-scale and colorful, with a flat or simplified style reminiscent of Russian Constructivism. In 2012, he created a series of sculptures called “Monument to Nothing” which consisted of blank concrete slabs meant to represent the absence of monuments dedicated to victims of political repression in Russia.Sorokin has exhibited his work internationally, including at the Venice Biennale, the Istanbul Biennial, and the New Museum in New York City.


Anna Delvey is the daughter of German immigrants. She was born in Russia and moved to New York City with her family when she was six years old. Her father worked as a janitor and her mother as a housekeeper.

Anna attended public schools and eventually graduated from college with a degree in fashion design. After working various odd jobs, she began working as a stylist and then as a party planner. It was during this time that she started to develop her now-infamous persona of being a wealthy socialite.

While it is unclear exactly how much money Anna has, it is safe to say that she comes from humble beginnings.