Who Are Alyse Eady Parents?

Who Are Alyse Eady Parents
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Alyse Eady is an American journalist and television presenter born on May 5, 1986. Her parents are named Robert and Carol Eady. Robert has been a financial advisor for over 30 years, while Carol works as a real estate agent in their hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas.

The couple have three children: Alyse being the oldest, followed by her sister Julie and brother Ryan. Alyse has credited her parents with instilling strong values in her growing up that she still holds dear today. She considers them to be role models who taught her to always strive towards excellence and never give up on achieving one’s dreams no matter what challenge life throws at you.

Alyse Eady is a well-known American news anchor and journalist who currently works for WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents are Richard and Phyllis Eady, both of whom are retired teachers from Louisiana State University. Alyse credits her parents with instilling in her the drive to succeed and she often speaks fondly of them during interviews.

She has also said that their guidance helped shape her into the accomplished woman she is today.

Alyse Eady Biography, Age, Family, Marriage, Child and Career

When is Alyse Eady Coming Back

Alyse Eady is returning to television this fall as co-host of the new daytime talk show, “The Conversation”. She will be joined by fellow hosts Amy Robach and Sunny Hostin for a lively discussion on topics ranging from pop culture to politics. Fans of Alyse Eady can look forward to her return starting September 6th, 2021!

Who Are Alyse Eady Parents?

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Where Did Alyse Eady Go to College?

Alyse Eady attended the University of Georgia, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism.Alyse Eady is an accomplished news anchor and reporter who has worked with some of the top networks in America. She began her college career at the University of Georgia, where she excelled both academically and socially.

At UGA, Alyse majored in Broadcast Journalism and was able to hone her skills as a journalist while also making lifelong friends with her classmates. After graduating from UGA, Alyse went on to work for several major networks including CNN, Fox News Channel and ABC News before eventually becoming an anchor for WSB-TV in Atlanta. As someone who values education deeply and understands its importance when it comes to achieving success later in life, Alyse is proud that she got her start at one of the best colleges around – The University of Georgia!

How Old is Alyse Eady?

Alyse Eady is 34 years old. Alyse Eady, a well-known journalist and anchor for Fox 5 Atlanta, has been in the public eye since she first stepped foot onto the newsroom floor back in 2009. With her bubbly personality and infectious energy, it’s hard to believe that Alyse has already reached the ripe age of 34!

Her career over the past decade has included stints as an entertainment reporter at KARK in Little Rock Arkansas, an anchor/reporter at WFXL Georgia and various other roles throughout her time in television journalism. Through it all, Alyse has maintained her upbeat attitude and made sure to stay true to who she is – no matter what role or station she happened to be working on at any given time. Now firmly rooted as one of Atlanta’s most beloved reporters, Alyse Eady continues to bring smiles across metro area homes every night with her trademark enthusiasm and charm – proving that you can indeed thrive while staying true to yourself!

Where is Alyse Eady Fox 5?

Alyse Eady is a news anchor at Fox 5 Atlanta, located in Atlanta Georgia. She joined the station in 2015 and has been anchoring Fox 5 News ever since. Alyse can be seen every weekday morning from 4:30 to 10am on Good Day Atlanta, as well as from 4pm to 7pm during the weekdays.

Along with her duties of anchoring the news each day, she also reports live for special events around town and covers important local stories that affect viewers throughout metro-Atlanta area. Alyse Eady is an invaluable part of the Fox 5 team who brings a unique energy and enthusiasm to every newscast she hosts.


In conclusion, Alyse Eady is a talented actress and TV presenter who comes from an impressive family. Her parents are both accomplished professionals in the fields of law and nursing. From her father’s side of the family, she has two sisters and one brother while on her mother’s side, she has two brothers.

Despite their busy professional lives, Alyse’s parents have still managed to provide her with great support throughout her career and have been extremely encouraging when it comes to pursuing her dreams.