Who Are Adeles Parents?

Who Are Adeles Parents
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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, professionally known as Adele, was born on 5 May 1988 in Tottenham, London. Her parents are Mark Evans and Penny Adkins. Mark is a Welshman who worked as a groundskeeper at the Royal Academy of Music and Penny is an English woman who worked as an adult nurse for several years before becoming a massage therapist.

The couple divorced when Adele was just three-years-old and she has stayed close to both her parents throughout her life. She speaks highly of them both often commenting that they have been incredibly supportive of her musical career from the very beginning.

Adele’s parents are Mark and Penny Adkins. They both hail from the United Kingdom and have been married for over 30 years. Both of them have played an integral role in nurturing Adele into the world-renowned singer that she is today.

Her father, Mark, was a keyboardist who used to play with local bands while her mother worked as a massage therapist. Despite their humble beginnings, Adele’s parents have always supported her dreams and pushed her to pursue music even when it seemed like an impossible goal for a small town girl such as herself.

Who Are Adeles Parents?

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What Happened to Adele’S Dad?

Adele’s father, Mark Evans, left when she was just three years old and the two have had limited contact since then. He has reportedly struggled with alcohol abuse and money problems during his life, which caused him to be an absent parent in Adele’s childhood. Despite being estranged for most of her adult life, Adele still holds out hope that one day they can reconnect on a meaningful level.

In a recent interview, Adele revealed that she does not yet know what happened to her dad but hopes he is happy wherever he may be.Despite their strained relationship over the years, Adele continues to express hope for reconciliation with her father. She has said publicly that she would like them both to make an effort to fill in the gap of lost time by getting together and having conversations where they can learn more about each other than ever before.

While it remains unclear if this will ever happen or not—and whatever happened to Mark Evans—one thing is certain: no matter what happens between them in the future, Adele will always carry her father’s memory with her as part of who she is today.

Does Adele’S Mother Live With Her?

No, Adele’s mother does not live with her. Adele has spoken in interviews about how she loves to visit her hometown and spend time with her family, including her mother. While she cherishes these visits, Adele chooses to maintain a separate home for herself and has chosen London as the city where she lives full-time.

Her decision speaks to the independence that comes with adulthood; even though having family close by is a comfort and blessing, it can be difficult to balance one’s own needs against those of their loved ones. Even when they are not living together, however, there is no doubt that Adele still maintains close ties with her mother who will always hold an important place in her heart.

Why Did Adele Fall Out With Her Dad?

Adele fell out with her dad due to a long-term strained relationship that eventually led to an irreparable rift. Her father had been absent for most of her childhood, leaving Adele without the emotional connection she needed from a parent figure. This lack of meaningful contact caused Adele to feel resentment towards him and resulted in a breakdown in communication between them.

As time went on, both parties were unable to bridge the divide, culminating in their separation as adults and straining any possibility of reconciliation. Despite this difficult situation, Adele has still managed to use these experiences as inspiration for some iconic songs which have resonated strongly with millions around the world – showing resilience in even troubled times.

What Did Adele’S Parents Do?

Adele’s parents, Penny Adkins and Mark Evans, are both musicians. Her mother was an “arty parent” who sang jazz in local pubs and clubs while raising her daughter as a single parent. Her father is an Englishman of Welsh descent who worked as a kitchen fitter.

Both of Adele’s parents encouraged her to pursue music from a young age, playing the piano and singing in school assemblies and at church events. They also took her on occasional trips to karaoke bars where she could develop her vocal skills with other aspiring singers. Adele credits much of her success to their unwavering support throughout the years; without them she likely wouldn’t have become such an international icon today.

Why Adele’s Dad Never Listened To Her Music

Adele Parents Nationality

Adele’s parents are from England. Her father, Mark Evans, is Welsh and her mother Penny Adkins is English. It has been reported that she also has Irish ancestry on both sides of her family tree.

Adele was born in Tottenham, London but spent much of her childhood living in Brighton with her mother and stepfather, Alan Smith-Evans.


Adele’s parents, Penny and Mark Evans, can be described as loving, supportive, and hardworking individuals. While they may not have been able to provide Adele with the kind of life she has now as an internationally renowned superstar, they laid a strong foundation for her success by providing her with a stable home environment. They were there to cheer her on throughout her career while also allowing her to make decisions that were best for herself.

In short, Adele’s parents gave her the guidance and encouragement she needed in order to become one of the most successful singers of our time.