How To Turn Off Life360 Without Parents Knowing?

How To Turn Off Life360 Without Parents Knowing

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Turning off Life360 without your parents knowing can be tricky, but it is possible. First, download a VPN app on the device you use for Life360 and connect to a server in another country. This will mask your online activity so that your parents won’t know what you’re doing.

Next, log into the Life360 app and go to settings, then delete or disable any location tracking features like geofencing or check-ins. Finally, turn off all notifications from the app either through settings or by disabling them in the phone’s notification center. Doing these steps should ensure that your parents don’t find out about you turning off Life360 without their knowledge.

  • Download a Virtual Private Network (VPN): A VPN will allow you to mask your IP address and create a secure connection between your device and the internet, making it difficult for your parents to track where you are going online
  • Set Up the VPN: Install the app on your device and configure the settings according to instructions provided by the provider
  • Be sure to turn off any location services or tracking features that might be enabled on your device as well when setting up the VPN
  • Log Out of Life360: You can log out of Life360 from either its website or mobile app so that it is no longer connected with your account information or location data
  • Make sure you completely close down all sessions before logging out so that there is no trace of activity left behind on any devices associated with Life360 accounts
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  • Change Your Device’s Location Settings: If you have an Android phone, go into its settings menu and select “Location” then toggle off all options related to GPS tracking such as Wi-Fi positioning, Bluetooth scanning, etc
  • , ensuring that nothing can pinpoint where you are located in real time without permission from yourself or another user (like a parent)
  • 5 Use Your New Anonymity Wisely: Finally, remember that even though turning off Life360 without parents knowing may give you some freedom from their watchful eyes, it does not exempt you from abiding by rules set forth by them or other authorities; use this newfound anonymity wisely!
How To Turn Off Life360 Without Parents Knowing?


Does Airplane Mode Turn off Life360?

Yes, airplane mode will turn off Life360. When you activate airplane mode on your device, it prevents any incoming or outgoing signals from being sent or received from the phone’s network. This means that Life360 will be unable to collect data and location information until you deactivate airplane mode.

For example, if you’re traveling with a group of friends and want to use Life360 to keep track of each other’s locations while in-flight, then simply turning on aircraft mode before takeoff can ensure that everyone is safe and secure while they are in the air. That way, when everyone touches down at their destination airport they can easily re-enable the app so that all members of the party can remain connected without interruption.

How Do I Stop Sharing My Location on Life360?

To stop sharing your location on Life360, access the app’s settings and turn off the “Location Sharing” option. From there, you can also customize who can view your location and when they are allowed to do so.When it comes to protecting our privacy online, Location Sharing services like Life360 can be a double-edged sword.

On one hand, they allow us to keep track of our loved ones and stay connected with them in real time; however, this does come at the cost of having to share our personal information with other people. Thankfully, Life360 makes it easy for users to opt out of its Location Sharing feature whenever they need more control over their data security. Once you’ve turned off Location Sharing in the app’s settings menu, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that only those whom you’ve given explicit permission will ever be able to know where you are or where you’ve been.

How to Turn Off Life360 without Parents Knowing [100% Work!]

How to Turn off Life360 Without Parents Knowing on Iphone

If you’re looking to turn off Life360 without your parents knowing on an iPhone, it can be done. You’ll need to go into the Settings app and select Privacy > Location Services. Then scroll down until you see Life360 and toggle it off.

This will prevent Life360 from tracking your location, but bear in mind that if your parents have previously set up notifications for when you leave or enter certain locations, they may still receive those notifications even though the app is turned off.


In conclusion, it is possible to turn off Life360 without parents knowing by using a few simple steps. To do this, you need to change the app’s settings on your device or delete the app completely. Alternatively, you can also use a VPN and proxy server to disguise your IP address and hide your location from Life360.

Ultimately, whichever method you choose will depend on how much privacy and control over your device that you would like to have.