How To Say Happy Mothers Day In Portuguese?

How To Say Happy Mothers Day In Portuguese
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In Portuguese, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May and is called Dia das Mães.

Happy Mother’s Day! A word to Portuguese Kelly moms…

  • In order to say “Happy Mother’s Day” in Portuguese, you would first need to know how to say “Mother” in Portuguese
  • The word for mother in Portuguese is “mãe”
  • Once you know this word, you can then proceed to saying “Happy Mother’s Day” by saying “Feliz Dia das Mães”

Mother’S Day Weekend

This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 10. If you’re looking for something fun to do with Mom this weekend, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day weekend:

1. Have a picnic lunch in the park. Pack up some of Mom’s favorite foods and drinks and enjoy a leisurely meal outdoors. Don’t forget to bring a blanket or chairs to sit on!

2. Go on a shopping spree together. Whether you hit the stores or do some online shopping, spending time browsing and picking out new things is always fun (and maybe you’ll even find something special for Mom).3. Make it a spa day.

Treat Mom to a relaxing day at the spa – she deserves it! Get massages, manicures/pedicures, and facials, then spend some time unwinding in the sauna or pool. It’ll be a day she won’t soon forget.

4. Take a trip down memory lane. Dig out old photo albums or home movies and spend an afternoon reminiscing about good times gone by. You might even learn some new things about Mom along the way!

How To Say Happy Mothers Day In Portuguese?


How Do You Say Happy Mother’S Day in Brazil?

In Brazil, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It is a day to show appreciation for mothers and all they do for their children. On this day, children often give their mothers flowers and cards.

They may also take them out to eat at a nice restaurant or spend time with them doing something they enjoy. Whatever you do, make sure to tell your mother how much you love and appreciate her!To say “Happy Mother’s Day” in Brazilian Portuguese, you can say “Feliz Dia das Mães”.

What is Mothers Day in Portuguese?

In Portugal, Mothers’ Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. It is a day to give thanks to mothers and mother figures for their love and care. Families often get together for a special meal or lunch, and children may give flowers or cards to their mothers.

How Do You Say Happy Mother’S Day?

Happy Mother’s Day can be said in many different ways, depending on the language you speak. In English, some common phrases to say Happy Mother’s Day include “I love you, Mom,” “Thank you for everything, Mom,” and “You’re the best mom ever.” If you want to get a little more creative, try making up your own special phrase that expresses your gratitude and love for your mother.

No matter what words you use, simply conveying that you are thinking of her and appreciate all she has done for you is sure to make her feel loved on her special day.

Do Brazilians Celebrate Mother’S Day?

Yes, Brazilians celebrate mother’s day on the second Sunday of May. This holiday is called Dia das Mães and it is a very special day for mothers all over Brazil. On this day, families get together to celebrate their mothers and show them how much they are loved and appreciated.

Gifts, flowers, and cards are often given to mothers on this day.


In Portugal, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. Families get together to celebrate the mothers in their lives with a special meal. The most common way to say “Happy Mother’s Day” in Portuguese is “Feliz Dia das Mães”.