How To Say Happy Mothers Day In Hawaiian?

How To Say Happy Mothers Day In Hawaiian
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Happy Mothers Day in Hawaiian is “Hau’oli Lā Makuakane”. This phrase translates to Happy Father’s Day and is an appropriate way to say Happy Mother’s Day as well. To make the sentiment even more special, you can add a few words like “Mahalo Nui Loa” (Thank You Very Much) or “Aloha Mai” (Love From Me).

When speaking directly to your mother, it would be most respectful and appropriate to use her name before saying these phrases. For example: Hau’oli Lā Makuakane [Mother’s Name]. Mahalo Nui Loa!

  • Pronounce “Aloha Kākou” which means “Hello Everyone”: This is the traditional way to greet people in the Hawaiian language and it is a perfect way to begin your Mothers Day greeting
  • Say “Mele Kalikimaka i ka makua wahine” which translates to Happy Mothers Day: This phrase specifically expresses your wish for a happy Mothers Day and conveys the message of love, appreciation and admiration that you feel for her on this special day
  • Follow up with an expression of gratitude: After expressing your heartfelt wishes, it is nice to follow up with some words acknowledging all that she does for her family every single day of the year
  • For example, you could say something like “Mahalo nui loa no kou aloha pumehana” which translates to “Thank you very much for your warm love”

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How To Say Happy Mothers Day In Hawaiian?


How Do You Say Happy Mother’S Day in Hawaii?

Happy Mother’s Day in Hawaii is said as “Hau’oli Lā Hānau” or “He lei aloha no ‘oe i ka makuahine.” * Hau’oli Lā Hānau – Happy Mother’s Day * He lei aloha no ‘oe i ka makuahine – A Lei of Love to you, mother.

In the Hawaiian language, these two phrases are used to express love and gratitude for mothers on their special day.

What Do Hawaiians Call Their Mothers?

Hawaiians call their mothers “Makua” or “Makuahine”. They also sometimes refer to them as “Tutu”, which is a term of endearment.The respect Hawaiians have for their mothers is reflected in the many ways they address them:

• Makua: Parent, guardian or elder; • Makuahine: Mother; • Tutu: Grandmother and term of endearment.

What Does Aloha Auinala Mean?

Aloha auinala is a Hawaiian phrase meaning “love of the afternoon”. It is often used to express enjoyment in the pleasant evening hours after a long day.The phrase emphasizes appreciation for the beauty and serenity of nature, especially during sunset or twilight.

Additionally, aloha auinala can be interpreted as an invitation to pause, reflect on life’s blessings and savor moments of peace.Key points: • Aloha auinala means “love of the afternoon” in Hawaiian

• The phrase expresses appreciation for nature’s beauty and serenity, especially at sunset or twilight

What Does Aloha Kakahiaka Mean?

Aloha Kakahiaka is a Hawaiian phrase that means “good morning”. It is used to greet people in the morning and can be part of other expressions like Aloha Kakahiaka Maika’i, which means “Good Morning and have a nice day!”Here are some key points about Aloha Kakahiaka:

• Used as an informal greeting for friends and family in the morning • Means “Good Morning” or “Have a good day” • Can also be used when saying goodbye at night

• Consists of two words: aloha (love) and kakahiaka (morning).Aloha kakahiaka is an important expression in Hawaiian culture that conveys warmth, love, respect, and kindness. As such it serves as an excellent way to start each day with those you care about.


Overall, expressing your love and gratitude to mom on Mother’s Day in Hawaiian is a great way of showing her how much you appreciate everything she does for you. From the traditional phrase ‘Aloha Kaumaha Momona’ to modern-day expressions such as ‘Maika`i no ka mea makamae’, there are many ways to express your love and appreciation for your mother on this special day. No matter which expression you choose, make sure it comes from the heart!