How To Get Kid Nezha In Roblox?

How To Get Kid Nezha In Roblox
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To get Kid Nezha in Roblox, you need to purchase the Soul Weaver Pack from the Roblox Store. The pack costs 950 Robux and contains several exclusive items including a Kid Nezha figure. After purchasing the pack, head over to your inventory and look for the “Collectibles” tab at the top of your inventory window.

Inside this tab you will find all of your collectible figures including Kid Nezha which can be placed on any surface in Roblox games where allowed by game developers. If you are having trouble finding it, make sure to check both pages of your Collectibles page as some items may appear on different pages depending on how many other figures you have collected so far!

  • Step 1: Go to Roblox and log in to your account
  • Description: Access the website of Roblox, enter your credentials, and sign in to start playing
  • Step 2: Search for Kid Nezha on the search bar
  • Description: Enter “Kid Nezha” into the game’s search bar located at the top of the page, then click on it when it appears in the results list
  • Step 3: Install Kid Nezha from the game page
  • Description: Click on “Install Now” button found under Game Details tab at Kid Nezha’s game page to download and install this game on your device
  • Step 4: Start playing! Description : After installation is complete, open up Kid Nezha’s game by clicking Play Now button and begin enjoying this fun cartoon-style action adventure!


How to Get Kid Nezha in Roblox After Event

Unfortunately, the Kid Nezha event has already ended in Roblox and is no longer available. To get Kid Nezha now, you will need to purchase it from a third-party seller or trade for it with other players. Be sure to do your research first before making any purchases or trades!

How to Get Kid Nezha in Roblox in 2022

In 2022, getting Kid Nezha in Roblox will be easier than ever! Players can obtain Kid Nezha by participating in special events or through the Item Shop. Through these methods, players can get their hands on this exclusive avatar and show off to their friends!

How to Get Kid Nezha in Roblox 2023

If you’re a fan of Roblox, then you may be excited to know that the popular character Kid Nezha is coming soon in 2023! To get this new character, all you have to do is purchase it with robux from the Roblox store. Once purchased, your avatar will be able to select and use Kid Nezha in all games where it’s available.

Be sure to check out what other exclusive items are being released for Roblox in 2023 – there’s something for everyone!

Can You Still Get Kid Nezha in Roblox 2022

Yes, you can still get Kid Nezha in Roblox 2022! Kid Nezha is a popular character from the game Adopt Me that was added to Roblox as part of their 2021 Summer Game Jam. The character is available for free and can be found in the avatar shop.

Players who have already purchased the character will keep it when they upgrade to 2022. So make sure to grab your own Kid Nezha before time runs out!

How To Get Kid Nezha In Roblox?


What Game is Kid Nezha in Roblox?

The game that Kid Nezha is in on Roblox is called Adopt Me!. In this virtual pet simulator, players are tasked with taking care of and customizing their own unique pet.

They can do things such as take them for a walk, customize their look with hundreds of different items, and even adopt other players’ pets. Players can also explore the world around them by visiting various locations including the beach or the countryside. Additionally, they can join up with friends to play mini-games like Hide & Seek or Egg Hunt.

With its vibrant visuals and fun gameplay mechanics, Adopt Me! has become one of Roblox’s most popular games and it’s easy to see why Kid Nezha loves playing it!

How Do You Get the Forest Elf?

To get the Forest Elf, you must first complete all of the tasks in the Elven Forest. These tasks include gathering resources, constructing buildings, and completing special events. Once these tasks are completed, a special chest will appear containing the Forest Elf.

After opening it and accepting its challenge, you must then defeat it in battle to add it to your collection.The Forest Elf is one of many unique creatures available in this game that can be used by players to gain an advantage during battles or even complete certain levels faster than before! In order to have this powerful ally at your side though, you must prove yourself worthy by taking on all of the challenges within the Elven Forest and emerging victorious from your showdown with this magical creature.

With dedication and skill, anyone can obtain this rare being as their own!


In conclusion, getting Kid Nezha in Roblox is a fun and rewarding experience. With the right resources and some patience, you can get your hands on this rare character. By following these steps, you will be able to enjoy playing with Kid Nezha in no time!