How To Become A Foster Parent In Pa?

How To Become A Foster Parent In Pa
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In Pennsylvania, becoming a foster parent involves several steps. First, contact your county’s Department of Human Services (DHS) and ask about the process. The DHS will provide you with an application packet that includes information on what is required to become a foster parent.

Complete this packet and submit it to the DHS office. You will then be contacted by a caseworker who will schedule an in-home visit with you to evaluate your home environment as well as review any other documents that are needed such as criminal background checks, references from friends or family members, medical clearances for all household members over age 13 and proof of income/financial resources. After completing the evaluation period, you may receive approval from the DHS to become a certified foster parent in PA.

Once approved, you can begin working with children in need!


  • Step 1: Research the Requirements: The first step to becoming a foster parent in PA is to research the requirements and ensure you are able to meet them
  • This includes having a suitable home, providing financial support for the child, submitting background checks, attending training sessions and more
  • Step 2: Find an Agency: Once you have determined that you can meet all of the requirements for being a foster parent in PA, it’s time to find an agency that handles placements
  • There are many agencies across Pennsylvania that specialize in finding homes for children who need them
  • Step 3: Complete Application Process: After finding an agency that works with your needs and preferences, complete their application process which typically involves interviews and paperwork
  • During this process they will also conduct criminal background checks on both yourself and any other adults living in your home as well as medical examinations if necessary
  • Step 4: Attend Training Sessions & Meetings : In order to become certified as a foster parent in PA you must attend mandatory orientation trainings or meetings with DHS staff members where they will go over important information regarding fostering such as rights of parents/guardians vs those of birth parents etc
  • , expectations of foster parents and laws governing fostering within Pennsylvania
  • You may also be required to attend additional trainings throughout your journey towards becoming a licensed foster parent
  • Step 5: Receive Certification : Once all steps have been completed successfully, most agencies will issue certification indicating that you are now eligible to serve as a foster parent!

Foster Care Bedroom Requirements Pa

Foster care bedrooms must meet minimum health and safety requirements as set forth by the state. In Pennsylvania, these requirements include that the bedroom be a minimum of 70 square feet for one child, 80 square feet for two children, or 90 square feet for three or more children. The room should also have adequate ventilation and lighting, with windows that can open at least 6 inches wide.

Additionally, each child must have their own bed with a mattress that is suitable in size and comfort level; dressers/closets should provide enough storage space to store all clothing items; window coverings should be included to ensure privacy; and rugs/carpeting are recommended but not required.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Foster Parent in Pa

In Pennsylvania, it typically takes between four to six months to become a licensed foster parent. The process includes training classes and home visits from the county’s Children and Youth Services agency. After completing all the requirements, new foster parents must pass background checks before being approved for licensure.

Once the license is issued, prospective foster parents can begin caring for children in need of loving homes.

Foster Care Stipend Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, foster parents are eligible to receive a monthly stipend of up to $768 per month for one child or $1,039 for two children. The amount is determined based on the age and special needs of the children in care. Foster parents may also be reimbursed for additional expenses such as clothing, school supplies, medical bills, and daycare costs associated with caring for their foster child(ren).

Foster Care Agency near Me

If you’re looking for a foster care agency near you, there are many resources available to help. Foster care agencies provide specialized services and support to children who have been removed from their homes due to family or parental issues. These agencies work with both public and private organizations in order to find the best possible placement for each child.

They also provide counseling, education, and other services that can help create positive outcomes for kids in foster care. With so many options out there, it’s important to do your research when searching for an agency near you- take time to read reviews online or speak directly with staff members at local organizations about their experiences working with children in need of foster care.

How to Become a Foster Parent in Philadelphia

Becoming a foster parent in Philadelphia is an incredibly rewarding process, and one that can make a huge difference in the lives of children who need extra care and support. The first step to becoming a foster parent in Philadelphia is to contact your local Department of Human Services office or county Children and Youth agency for information on their specific requirements. All prospective foster parents must complete training courses, provide references, have background checks completed, submit financial records and other necessary paperwork.

Once approved as a foster parent, you will be able to open your home up to children who need it most!

How To Become A Foster Parent In Pa?


How Much Do Foster Parents Get Paid in Pa?

Foster parents in Pennsylvania are paid a flat monthly rate that ranges from $675 to $839, depending on the age of the child they care for. The amount is determined by the state and can change yearly.Being a foster parent takes an incredible amount of dedication and sacrifice, so it’s important to take into consideration all aspects of fostering before making any decisions.

While financial compensation may be part of one’s decision-making process when considering whether or not to become a foster parent, the rewards and benefits that come with providing homes for children in need far outweigh any monetary gain. Foster parents provide these children with stability, safety, companionship and hope; something money cannot buy.

What Disqualifies You from Being a Foster Parent in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, a person may be disqualified from becoming a foster parent if they have been convicted of certain felonies or misdemeanors, including but not limited to any crimes involving sexual abuse or exploitation of children; homicide; endangering the welfare of children; kidnapping; burglary; terroristic threats/acts, and drug-related offenses. Additionally, anyone who has abused alcohol or drugs within the past two years may also be disqualified from fostering in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, potential foster parents must pass background checks that include fingerprints and criminal history records in order for them to become approved as a foster parent.

These requirements help ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable children placed in foster care.

How Much Do You Get a Month for Fostering a Child in Pa?

The exact answer is that Pennsylvania foster parents receive a monthly payment of $616 to $812 per month, depending on the age and needs of the child.Fostering a child in Pennsylvania can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both the parent and the child. It provides financial support for families who are willing to open their homes and hearts to children who need someone to look after them.

The state provides generous compensation for foster parents – ranging from $616-$812 per month depending on the age and specific needs of each individual child – helping to make sure that fostering is accessible even if you have limited resources available. Not only does this provide much needed stability and security while they’re in care, but it also helps cover some expenses associated with providing a safe home environment like food, clothing, medical costs, education supplies etc. On top of these payments many counties offer additional benefits such as paid respite care or access to mental health services – all aimed at making sure that kids placed into your care get everything they need during their stay.

What are the Qualifications to Be a Foster Parent in Pennsylvania?

In order to be a foster parent in Pennsylvania, the individual must meet certain criteria. The prospective parent must be at least 21 years old and pass an extensive criminal background check. They also need to have sufficient income or resources to provide for their own family needs as well as meeting the needs of any children placed with them.

Additionally, they need to demonstrate that they can create a safe and nurturing environment for the child in their home by completing specific training courses and certifications prior to being approved. Finally, it is important that the person has adequate support from family and friends in order to provide stability for themselves and any children placed with them.Foster parenting is a big responsibility but it can also be incredibly rewarding!

Becoming a foster parent requires dedication, commitment, patience, understanding – but most importantly love! To become a foster parent in Pennsylvania you must first meet all of the qualifications set forth by law such as age requirement, criminal background check clearance and having enough financial means to adequately care for yourself as well as any children you may take into your home. You’ll also need certification from specialized training courses which will teach you how best to provide safety and nurture young minds while helping shape positive futures for these kids who so desperately need our help!


Becoming a foster parent in Pennsylvania is an incredibly rewarding journey that requires patience, dedication, and a commitment to providing the best care for children. From researching the requirements and attending training sessions to filling out paperwork and undergoing home inspections, you’ll need to complete many steps before being approved as a foster parent. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available throughout the process that can support you and your family through this experience.

With guidance from experienced professionals and other foster parents who have been through it before, you can take on this important challenge with confidence knowing that your hard work could make all the difference in a child’s life.