How Old Is The Backpack Kid?

How Old Is The Backpack Kid
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The Backpack Kid, whose real name is Russell Horning, was born on May 29, 2004. He is currently 16 years old and will be celebrating his 17th birthday in 2021. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his family.

The Backpack Kid became popular when he performed the dance move “the floss” during a performance of Katy Perry’s song “Swish Swish” at the 2017 Saturday Night Live show. His fame has grown since then due to television appearances and social media postings featuring him performing various dances and skits. His online presence continues to grow with millions of followers on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

The Backpack Kid, also known as Russell Horning, is an 18-year-old internet sensation and professional dancer. He gained fame in 2016 when his dance moves to the song “Flossin” went viral on social media. He continues to wow audiences with his unique style of dancing and has since become a celebrity on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Meet the Dancing ‘Backpack Kid’ Who Stole Katy Perry’s Spotlight on ‘SNL’

The Backpack Kid Net Worth

The Backpack Kid, whose real name is Russell Horning, has achieved a significant amount of success as an internet celebrity. He has leveraged his viral fame to become a successful entrepreneur and entertainer, amassing an estimated net worth of $3 million. His wealth comes from sources such as YouTube ad revenue (from his popular dance videos), merchandise sales, and live performances.

How Old is Backpack from Dora

Backpack is a beloved character from the popular Nickelodeon animated series, Dora the Explorer. Backpack’s age isn’t officially stated in any of the episodes, but she appears to be around 7-years old, which matches up with her human friend Dora’s age. She often helps Dora out on her adventures by providing useful items that help them get from place to place and solve puzzles along the way.

Backpack Kid Instagram

Backpack Kid, or Russell Horning as he is otherwise known, is an internet sensation who first rose to fame after being featured in a dance video on Katy Perry’s Instagram. He has since gained over 2 million followers of his own and continues to entertain fans with his signature “flossing” dance moves. Additionally, Backpack Kid uses his platform to promote charity work and spread positive messages about accepting yourself for who you are.

Backpack Kid Now

Backpack Kid, aka Russell Horning, has become a global sensation since his appearance in Katy Perry’s 2017 SNL performance of her smash hit “Swish Swish.” With his signature dance moves and iconic backpack-wearing style, the teen quickly gained notoriety on social media platforms such as Instagram where he currently boasts over 2 million followers. He continues to entertain fans with creative content and appearances in music videos for artists like Lil Yachty and Ava Max.

How Old Is The Backpack Kid?


What is the Backpack Kids Real Name?

The real name of the Backpack Kid is Russell Horning. He first gained fame after dancing in Katy Perry’s “Saturday Night Live” performance of her song Swish Swish in 2017 and was soon dubbed the Backpack Kid due to his signature move – throwing a backpack over one shoulder while busting out his robotic dance moves. Since then, he has become an internet sensation and even appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show where he taught her how to do his iconic dance.

His unique style has made him a popular figure among young people around the world and he continues to be an inspiration for those looking to express themselves through music, dance, or fashion.

Where is the Backpack Kid Now?

The backpack kid is now a successful internet personality, dancer, and rapper. He rose to fame after appearing in Katy Perry’s 2017 music video for her song “Swish Swish”. Since then, he has been featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show, performed at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards alongside Cardi B., and released his own EP titled “Flockavelli” in 2019.

He currently resides in Atlanta and continues to work on his music career while also touring around the world. In addition to performing as a musician, he is an ambassador for Sprite with The Recording Academy and helps mentor upcoming artists through their Grammy U program. His influence can be seen through both social media platforms like TikTok where he regularly posts dance videos as well as television appearances where he shows off his signature backpack dance moves.

How Old is the Flossing Kid?

The exact answer is 12 years old. A twelve-year-old kid has gone viral after demonstrating his impressive flossing skills during a talent show. This young prodigy has stunned the world with his natural aptitude for such an intricate dance move, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

His combination of skill and enthusiasm for what he does has made him an inspiration to many people, regardless of their age or experience level when it comes to dancing. With dedication and hard work like this, who knows what this talented youngster will accomplish in the future?

What was the Backpack Kid Famous For?

The backpack kid, also known as Russell Horning, rose to fame in 2017 after his appearance on Saturday Night Live. His signature dance move — throwing your arms up and doing a shuffle while wearing a mini-backpack — quickly went viral, making him an internet sensation. He has since been featured on magazines, television shows, radio programs and commercials.

He is also the face of several fashion campaigns and has collaborated with major brands like Nike, Adidas and American Eagle Outfitters for their own collections featuring his unique style. In addition to being an internet star, Horning also works with charities such as to promote youth activism in communities across the nation.Backpack Kid was initially propelled into fame by his iconic dance move which he debuted during Katy Perry’s live performance of “Swish Swish” on Saturday Night Live back in 2017 – a simple yet memorable arm wave combined with a side-to-side foot shuffle whilst donning an eye-catching bright pink mini backpack became instantly memed around the world!

Since then he has become one of the most recognizable faces (and moves!) online today; appearing everywhere from magazine covers to TV shows and even being chosen by major fashion brands like Nike & Adidas for their collaborations – proving that it doesn’t take much more than some inventive moves these days to make it big!


In conclusion, the Backpack Kid is seventeen years old and his real name is Russel Horning. He has become an internet sensation due to his signature dance moves that he popularized in a video with Katy Perry. His age has been a source of curiosity for many fans, but now they know that he’s still young enough to keep bringing us fresh new content!