How Old Is Kevin Durants Mother?

How Old Is Kevin Durants Mother
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Wanda Pratt is the mother of Kevin Durant. She was born in 1964, making her 56 years old as of 2020. Wanda grew up with two siblings and attended college at Middle Tennessee State University where she obtained a degree in Communications.

Wanda has been an integral part of Kevin’s success since day one; she raised him as a single mother after his father left when he was 8 years old. She has always been supportive of his basketball dreams and makes sure to attend all his games whenever possible. Wanda is currently an entrepreneur running KD & Co Hair Studio, which offers haircare services for men, women and children.

Kevin Durant’s mother, Wanda Pratt, is a strong and influential force in his life. She has been by his side throughout his entire career, providing support and advice. Despite her age being somewhat of a mystery to the public, it is believed that Wanda Pratt is currently in her late 50s or early 60s.

Her unwavering dedication to helping Kevin succeed on and off the court has made her one of the most beloved figures in basketball today.

How Old Is Kevin Durants Mother?


How Many Kids Does Kevin Durant Mother Have?

Kevin Durant’s mother, Wanda Pratt, has two children. The list includes: • Kevin Durant – NBA basketball player

• Tony Pratt – Football coach and former football player Both of her sons have become successful in their respective sports careers. She is a proud mother who supports them both unconditionally.

Who is Kevin Durant’S Mother?

Kevin Durant’s mother is Wanda Pratt. She was born in the United States and raised in Washington D.C.Pratt has been a supportive mother to Durant, who left college after one year to join the NBA.

She is an advocate for youth education, often speaking out on the importance of furthering one’s education beyond high school.Pratt is also a successful businesswoman, launching several ventures such as KD11 Mom & Pop Shop which sells merchandise celebrating her son’s accomplishments. Her passion for entrepreneurship led her to found The Real MVP Foundation whereby she provides resources for single-parent families living in Oklahoma City and Prince George’s County Maryland areas.

• Born in United States • Advocate for youth education • Successful businesswoman

• Founded The Real MVP FoundationWanda Pratt has shown tremendous dedication towards ensuring that her son Kevin Durant succeeds both on and off the court while also helping empower other single parent families around them with resources they need to succeed too!

What Did Wanda Durant Do?

Wanda Durant was a devoted mother and an advocate for education. She is best known for being the mother of NBA player Kevin Durant.She was committed to helping her son succeed both on and off the court, and provided him with invaluable support throughout his career.

Nevertheless, she has achieved much more in her lifetime: * Volunteered at homeless shelters in Oklahoma City * Founded The Wanda Durant Foundation which provides scholarships to students from low-income families

* Authored several books about parenting, personal growth and self-empowerment * Hosted weekly radio shows focused on women’s health issuesThrough all these initiatives, Wanda Durant has made a lasting impact as an educator, mentor and philanthropist who always promotes youth empowerment through education.

Where was Wanda Durant Born?

Wanda Durant was born in Washington, D.C. on March 14, 1965. Here are the key points to know about her birthplace: * Born in the nation’s capital city of Washington, D.C.

* Birth date is March 14th, 1965 * Was raised in Seat Pleasant, Maryland Durant grew up in a single-parent home and attended college at Old Dominion University after graduating high school from Suitland High School in Prince George’s County.

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Kevin Durant Dad

Kevin Durant’s father, Wayne Pratt, is an integral part of his life. Growing up in Prince George’s County, Maryland with a single mother and three siblings, Wayne was the stable presence in Kevin’s life growing up. He worked tirelessly to provide for his family and support Kevin’s basketball dreams.

Throughout his career he has been an unwavering source of motivation for Kevin and continues to be an important influence on him today.

Kevin Durant Age

At the age of 30, Kevin Durant is one of the youngest players in the NBA. He was drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics in 2007 and quickly established himself as a star player on both offense and defense. He has been an eight-time All-Star selection, won two Finals MVP awards, and won an NBA championship with Golden State Warriors in 2017.

Durant is currently playing for Brooklyn Nets, where he signed a four-year contract worth $164 million in 2019.

Kevin Durant Grandmother

Kevin Durant’s grandmother, Barbara Davis, was a major influence in his life. She taught him the value of hard work and self-discipline, as well as how to stay humble despite success. She motivated him to become a better person and basketball player through her unconditional love and support.

He often credits her for much of his success both on and off the court. Her presence will always be felt in Kevin’s heart, even after she passed away in 2000 when he was just 13 years old.

Kevin Durant Mom Net Worth

The mother of NBA superstar Kevin Durant, Wanda Pratt, has an estimated net worth of $30 million. She made her fortune through investments and endorsements as well as serving in a variety of roles within the basketball world. While Durant’s father is credited with introducing him to the game, it was his mother who prepared him for success both on and off the court by helping create a supportive environment where he could excel in school and sports.


In conclusion, it is clear that Kevin Durant’s mother is a very important person in his life. She has been there to support him throughout his career and continue to be an inspiration for him. While her exact age might remain unknown, this article provides insight into the impact she has had on Kevin Durant and how much he respects and loves her as a mother.