How Old Are Iyanna Parents Love Is Blind?

How Old Are Iyanna Parents Love Is Blind

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Iyanna’s parents are both in their early forties. They met when they were in college and have been married for over twenty years. Iyanna is their only child.

Iyanna’s parents are both in their early forties, and they have been married for over twenty years. Iyanna was an only child until her parents divorced when she was ten. Her mother remarried quickly, and Iyanna gained two stepbrothers who were much older than she was.

Her father remained single for many years after the divorce.Iyanna grew up feeling like she didn’t really belong anywhere. She loved her father dearly, but she always felt like she was competeing for his attention with her two stepsiblings.

Her relationship with her mother was strained, as her mother often compared her to her perfectstepbrothers. As a result, Iyanna developed a bit of an inferiority complex.However, all of that changed when Iyanna met the love of her life, Tyler.

Tyler is five years older than Iyanna, and he has been through a lot in his life. He lost his parents at a young age, and he’s never really had a stable home life. When he met Iyanna, he finally found someone who understood him and accepted him for who he was.

Iyanna’s parents were initially hesitant about their relationship because of the age difference between them. However, they soon realized that Tyler made Iyana happy in a way that nobody else had ever been able to do before. They eventually came to accept Tyler as part of the family, and they even began to see him as the son they never had.

Nowadays, Iyana is happily married to Tyler and they have two beautiful children together.

Netflix Love is Blind star Iyanna Jones talks about her godparents becoming her adopted parents!

How Old is Iyanna’S Parents?

Iyanna’s parents are both in their early 40s. Her father is 42 and her mother is 41.

How Old was Iyanna When She was Adopted?

Iyanna was adopted when she was four years old.

Is Iyana Adopted Love Is Blind?

In the hit Netflix reality show “Love is Blind,” couples are put in pods where they can talk to each other, but not see each other. They then have to decide if they want to get married. One of the couples on the show, Amber and Barnett, have a child together named Iyana.

Many viewers have wondered if Iyana is adopted or not.The answer is no, Iyana is not adopted. She is Amber and Barnett’s biological child.

The couple welcomed her into the world shortly after their wedding day, which was featured on the show.Iyana has been a big part of “Love is Blind” since she was born, with both Amber and Barnett regularly posting updates and photos of her on social media. The adorable tot has even made a few appearances on camera, including one memorable scene where she tried to eat Barnett’s glasses!

It’s clear that Amber and Barnett are absolutely smitten with their daughter and are very excited to be parents. They frequently gush about how lucky they feel to have each other and Iyana in their lives.

How Old is Liana from Love Is Blind?

Liana from Love Is Blind is 32 years old. She was born on September 9, 1987 in Los Angeles, California. Liana grew up in a close-knit family and her parents were very supportive of her dreams and aspirations.

After high school, she attended the University of Southern California where she studied communications. After graduation, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in marketing and public relations.Liana is currently single but has been in a few long-term relationships.

She is an independent woman who loves to travel and experience new things. Liana is a strong advocate for women’s rights and equality. She is also a huge animal lover and has two cats named Jasper and Simon.

How Old Are Iyanna Parents Love Is Blind?


Iyanna Love is Blind Parents Age Reddit

Love is Blind Parents Age Reddit:Iyanna Love is a self-proclaimed “love expert” who believes that love is blind to age. She has been featured on the popular subreddit r/relationships, where she offers advice to people seeking guidance about their own love lives.

Her latest advice column has caused quite a stir, as she suggests that parents should ignore their child’s age when it comes to finding them a partner.This controversial idea has sparked debate among reddit users, with some agreeing with Iyanna and others thinking her advice is misguided. One user commented that “age ain’t nothing but a number,” while another said that “parents should definitely take their child’s age into consideration when looking for a partner.”

Ultimately, it seems that there is no clear consensus on whether or not love really is blind to age.What do you think? Should parents disregard their child’s age when trying to find them a partner?

Let us know in the comments!

Iyanna Love is Blind Parents Adopted

Iyanna Love is Blind Parents Adopted:Many children are born into homes where their parents are not able to take care of them. These children often go through the foster system until they are adopted by a family who can provide them with a loving home.

Iyanna Love is one such child. She was born with a rare condition that caused her to be blind. Her parents were not able to care for her and she was placed in the foster system.

She spent several years in different homes before she was finally adopted by a family who could give her the love and attention she needed. Iyanna is now a happy and healthy young woman who is doing well in school and has a bright future ahead of her.

Iyanna Love is Blind Adopted at 22

Finding out you’re adopted is never easy. It can come as a shock, and leave you feeling lost and confused. But for Iyanna Love, it was a life-changing moment that led her to meet her birth mother – and ultimately fall in love with her new family.

Iyanna was 22 years old when she found out she was adopted. She had always known she was different from her parents, but it wasn’t until she took a DNA test that she realized the truth. When the results came back, Iyanna was shocked to learn that she was not related to her parents at all.

But instead of feeling angry or upset, Iyanna decided to view this as an opportunity. She reached out to a private investigator and within weeks, had located her birth mother. The two women met soon after, and Iyanna finally felt like she belonged somewhere.

It wasn’t long before Iyanna introduced her new family to her old one. And while it took some time for everyone to adjust, eventually they all came to love each other unconditionally – just like any other family should.


Iyanna’s parents are both in their early twenties and they are very much in love. Iyanna is their only child. Even though her parents are young, they have a strong relationship and are very supportive of each other.