How Much Does Kid To Kid Pay For Clothes?

How Much Does Kid To Kid Pay For Clothes
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Kid to Kid pays cash for gently used clothing, shoes and accessories such as purses. The amount paid will depend on various factors such as the brand name of the item, condition and current trends in fashion. Generally speaking, Kid to Kid pays around 40 – 50% of what it would cost you to buy a similar item new at retail price.

In addition, they often offer bonus money or coupons when customers are selling larger amounts of clothes and items that are in high demand. Finally, Kid toKid also has periodic sales where shoppers can get additional savings on their purchases.

Kid to Kid is a chain of retail stores that buy and sell gently used clothes for children. They are known for offering competitive prices on clothing, with payouts ranging from 30-50% of the item’s original value. Customers can bring in their items for cash on the spot or trade them in for store credit.

This makes it an ideal option if you’re looking to make some extra money off your kid’s outgrown clothes while also stocking up on great deals!

How Much Does Kid To Kid Pay For Clothes?


How Do You Get the Most Money at Kid to Kid?

The best way to get the most money at Kid to Kid is by bringing in clean, gently used items that are in season and on-trend. If you have clothing that’s still fashionable, then your chances of getting more money increases greatly. Also make sure you bring any accessories or pieces with matching sets.

Lastly, if you can provide original receipts for items as proof of authenticity and age, it may increase the amount offered for them. By taking these steps when selling clothes at Kid to Kid, you ensure that not only will your items sell quickly but also for a higher price than other stores!

Does Kid to Kid Wash Clothes before Selling?

No, Kid to Kid does not wash clothes before selling. All items that are sold at the store must be washed and brought in clean by the seller. This ensures that customers receive clothing of quality standards and can trust what they are buying is pre-washed and ready for use.

In addition, it eliminates any potential health risks from unclean clothes being sold in the store. It also allows them to maintain a high level of inventory control since all items need to go through their cleaning process before hitting the shelves for sale. This helps ensure that only top-notch merchandise makes its way into the hands of shoppers, providing excellent customer service and satisfaction with each purchase made from their stores.

Is Kid to Kid Profitable?

Yes, Kid to Kid is a profitable business. The company has grown from an initial shop in Utah to over 100 stores across the US and Canada. According to their website, they are “the largest chain of resale stores for children’s clothes, shoes and accessories.”

In addition, they also offer high-quality new items as well as used merchandise. This wide variety of products allows them to cater to a diverse customer base while keeping prices competitive and profits high. Furthermore, their online presence gives customers access to even more items than what can be found in their physical locations.

All these factors make it clear that Kid to Kid is a profitable business with plenty of potential for continued success in the future.

How Much Money Do Kids Spend on Clothes?

The exact answer to the question, “How much money do kids spend on clothes?” is that it depends. Factors such as age, income level and family size can all affect how much money a child spends on clothing. Generally speaking, however, kids are estimated to spend anywhere from $100-$500 per year on apparel items such as tops, bottoms and shoes.

According to one survey conducted by The NPD Group in 2018, children between the ages of 4-12 spent an average of $162 per year on clothes over a 10-year period – a number that has likely increased due to inflation since then. As parents become more aware of trends and styles their children favor or need for school activities or special occasions, they may choose to increase spending levels accordingly.

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How Much Does Kid to Kid Pay for Strollers

At Kid to Kid, you can get some great deals on strollers! Depending on the condition and brand of your stroller, they will pay you up to 40% of what they would charge for that same item in their store. If you’re looking to sell or trade in an old stroller, this is definitely a good option!

Who Pays More Once upon a Child Or Kid to Kid

When it comes to reselling used children’s clothing, toys, and accessories, both Once Upon a Child and Kid to Kid offer excellent options. However, depending on the item you are selling, one may be more profitable than the other. Generally speaking, Once Upon a Child pays more for larger items like strollers and furniture while Kid to Kid offers higher prices for smaller items such as clothes and shoes.

Additionally, some shoppers prefer One Upon a Child because they accept newer model items from name brands while others prefer Kid to Kid due to their lower acceptance requirements. Ultimately it’s up to you which store you choose!

Kid to Kid Selling Reviews

Kid to Kid is a popular consignment shop that specializes in selling quality used children’s clothing, toys, and equipment. The store has a great reputation for providing high-quality items at affordable prices, and many customers have left glowing reviews of their experiences with the company. In general, people seem very satisfied with the selection of merchandise they can find and the helpful customer service they receive when shopping at Kid to Kid stores.

How Much Does Kid to Kid Pay for Shoes

At Kid to Kid, you can expect to receive up to 50% of the original retail value for your gently used shoes. Depending on the condition and brand of the shoes, you could earn anywhere from $2-$20 per pair! So if you’re looking to make some quick cash without breaking a sweat, head down to your local Kid to Kid store with a bag full of shoes – it’s sure worth checking out!


In conclusion, Kid To Kid is a great place to turn your old clothes into cash. Depending on the condition of your items, you can expect to make anywhere from 20-60% of their original retail price. If you have gently used clothing or toys that are in demand within the store, they may be worth more than what other consignment stores offer.

Keep an eye out for special promotions and sales to get even better deals!