How Many Kids Does Rod Wave Have?

How Many Kids Does Rod Wave Have

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Rod Wave does not have any children. He is an American hip-hop recording artist from St. Petersburg, Florida who started his music career in 2015. His music often deals with themes of heartache, pain, and struggle which suggests he has yet to experience the joys of fatherhood.

Rod Wave’s lyrics reflect his hardships and gratitude for those who stuck by him in difficult times. Since becoming a mainstream artist, he has achieved success on the charts as well as working with some of the biggest names in rap such as Lil Baby and Moneybagg Yo among others.

Rod Wave is a popular rapper from St. Petersburg, Florida and he does not have any children of his own. While Rod Wave has yet to confirm this information publicly, it appears that the artist remains focused on his music career rather than starting a family at this time. Despite not having kids of his own, Rod Wave often takes part in charitable activities for children through various organizations and initiatives.

How Many Kids Does Rod Wave Have?


What is Rods Waves Real Name?

Rods Waves’ real name is Roderick Smith. He is a music producer and DJ from Florida who has become well-known for his unique brand of hip hop, funk, and soul. His sound has been described as “a hybrid of classic boom bap beats with an infusion of modern electronic elements”.

His production style often combines live instruments with samples to create a distinctive sound that stands out from the crowd. With over 10 years in the game, Rods Waves continues to push boundaries and explore new sounds while still remaining true to his roots. A deep appreciation for jazz, blues and soul shines through in each track he creates – resulting in toe-tapping rhythms that will have you grooving all night long!

How Old is Rod Wave Today?

Rod Wave is 22 years old today. Rod Wave, the up-and-coming rap artist and former high school football player from St. Petersburg, Florida has quickly risen to fame over the last few years with his heartfelt lyrics and passionate delivery of his music. At only 22 years old, Rod Wave has already made a name for himself in the hip hop world with multiple hits under his belt and an ever growing fanbase that continues to support him through thick and thin.

He’s managed to stay connected with fans by using social media platforms such as Instagram Live sessions where he talks about upcoming projects or simply just chats with them as if they were friends catching up after not seeing each other for a while. His age hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the most popular rappers out there today; he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon either!

How Much is Rod Wave Worth All Time?

Rod Wave’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. Rod Wave has managed to amass an impressive fortune throughout his music career, having achieved commercial success with his albums and singles. From selling out shows across the United States and beyond, Rod has been able to enjoy a steady stream of income that has seen him accumulate a sizable wealth over time.

Additionally, he was recently featured in XXL Magazine’s 2020 Freshman Class of up-and-coming hip hop artists, further boosting his profile and increasing potential revenue streams from endorsements and collaborations. With two studio albums already under his belt, plus other mixtapes and singles released since 2017, it’s no wonder why Rod Wave is estimated to have a net worth around $2 million dollars -all thanks to hard work and dedication!

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Rod Wave Daughters Name

Rod Wave is an American rapper and singer who released his debut studio album in 2019. He has since become a highly successful artist, with fans all over the world. One of Rod Wave’s most important muses is his daughter, whose name he has kept as a closely guarded secret.

His music often reflects the importance of family and fatherhood, which makes it even more special that he wants to protect his daughter’s privacy by keeping her name private.

Does Rod Wave Have a Wife

No, Rod Wave does not have a wife. The rapper is currently single and has never been married before. However, he did recently post a picture of himself with an unidentified woman on Instagram suggesting that he could be in a relationship.

But so far no confirmation or details about the relationship have been revealed yet.

Rod Wave Twins Age

Rod Wave is a rising hip-hop artist who recently debuted his first studio album, Ghetto Gospel. He’s been making waves in the music industry with his honest and heartfelt lyrics that touch on topics of pain and struggle. The talented rapper is just 22 years old, having been born on May 23rd 1998 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

His twin brother is also an artist by the name of Yung Tago, who has collaborated with Rod Wave on many tracks throughout their career together so far.

How Old is Rod Wave

Rod Wave is an up-and-coming rapper from St. Petersburg, Florida, who is just 21 years old. He first gained recognition in 2019 with his debut studio album Ghetto Gospel and has since become one of the hottest young artists in hip hop music today. His lyrics are often reflective of his own life experiences and address issues such as poverty and violence that he’s experienced growing up in a rough neighborhood.

Rod Wave continues to rise to fame through his heartfelt songs and captivating live performances, proving himself to be an artist worth paying attention to no matter your age or background.


It appears that the rapper Rod Wave is not a parent yet. He has made it clear in his lyrics and interviews that he does not have any children of his own. However, he has expressed an interest in becoming a father one day and hopes to provide future generations with all of the love and support they need to reach their full potential.

His fans can look forward to seeing what kind of father he ultimately becomes when that time comes!