How Many Kids Did William Afton Kill?

How Many Kids Did William Afton Kill
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William Afton, the killer in the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” video game franchise, is responsible for the deaths of six children.

William Afton, also known as the Purple Guy, killed a total of eight children. He first killed his own daughter, Charlotte, and then went on to kill seven more children over the course of several years. Afton was eventually caught and sentenced to prison, where he died.

[FNAF] Death of the First 5 Victims – William Afton Perspective

How Many Kids Did William Afton Have?

William Afton, the killer of children in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, is confirmed to have had three kids. His first kid was his daughter, Elizabeth Afton, who he killed and stuffed into a Freddy Fazbear suit. His second and third kids were his sons, Michael Afton and Charlie Emily Afton.

It is unknown what happened to Charlie, but Michael eventually becomes the protagonist of the series.

How Many Deaths Does William Afton Have?

William Afton, also known as the Purple Guy, has a total of seven confirmed deaths. However, it is possible that he has died more times than that, as his death in FNAF 6 is left somewhat ambiguous.Afton’s first death occurs in FNAF 1, when he is killed by Freddy Fazbear.

His second death occurs in FNAF 3, when he is burned to death by Springtrap. His third death occurs off-screen between FNAF 3 and Sister Location, when he is killed by his daughter Circus Baby.His fourth death occurs in Sister Location, when he is sucked into a void by Ennard.

However, it is implied that Afton may have survived this experience, as his soul seems to be inhabiting Baby’s body at the end of the game.Afton’s fifth death occurs in FNAF 4, where he is stabbed repeatedly by the Nightmare Animatronics. His sixth death occurs in Ultimate Custom Night, where Michael Afton kills him with an ice cream scoop (though it’s possible this was simply meant to incapacitate him).

Finally, Afton’s seventh and finaldeath (that we know of) occurs in The Return to Freddy’s 6: The Final Chapter., where he falls into a pit of molten metal and presumably burns to death once again.

How Many Kids Did William Afton Kill?


Who Did William Afton Kill First

William Afton, also known as the Purple Guy, was the serial killer responsible for the murders of six five children. He first killed Freddie Mercury in 1983. William Afton’s second victim was Michael Jackson in 1987.

William Afton’s last three victims were John Lennon, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse in 1988.

Why Did William Afton Kill Charlie

Why Did William Afton Kill Charlie?This is a question that has been asked by many people, and there are a few possible explanations. The most likely explanation is that William Afton, also known as the Purple Guy, killed Charlie in order to prevent him from revealing the truth about what happened at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

Charlie had witnessed the death of five children, and if he had gone public with this information, it would have ruin Afton’s reputation. Another possibility is that Afton was simply insane and enjoyed killing for the sake of killing. This theory is supported by the fact that he also killed six other children, as well as numerous animatronics.

It’s possible that he saw Charlie as simply another victim and didn’t think twice about killing him. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is certain- William Afton is responsible forCharlie’s death. And while we may never know exactly why he did it, we can be sure that it was a premeditated murder and not something done on impulse or in self-defense.

How Many People Did William Afton Kill

In the late 1800s, William Afton was one of America’s most prolific serial killers. It is estimated that he killed anywhere from dozens to hundreds of people, making him one of the deadliest criminals in American history. Afton typically targeted young children, luring them into his grasp with promises of sweets or money.

He would then take them to a remote location where he would murder them, often sexually assaulting them first. In some cases, he would even mutilate their bodies or keep souvenirs of his crimes.Afton was finally captured in 1899 after years on the run and was sentenced to death by electric chair.

However, due to a technicality, he was never executed and instead spent the rest of his life in prison. He died in 1907, but the true extent of his crimes may never be known.


In the blog post, “How Many Kids Did William Afton Kill?”, the author discusses the various murders committed by the character William Afton in the popular video game series, “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. The author goes into detail about each of the victims, including their ages and how they were killed. In total,William Afton is responsible for the deaths of eleven children.