How Many Kids Did Hector Lavoe Have?

How Many Kids Did Hector Lavoe Have
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Hector Lavoe had two children, a daughter named Elisa and a son named Hector Jr. His daughter was born in 1971 during his second marriage to Carmen Montanez Diaz. Shortly after their daughter’s birth, the couple separated but eventually reconciled until his death in 1993.

Lavoe also fathered a son with Gilda Viera shortly before his death; the child was given the same name as his father and born in 1994, one year after Lavoe’s passing away. As of 2020, both children of Hector Lavoe are grown adults living successful lives as public figures who have followed into their father’s footsteps by embracing music and performing on stage.

Hector Lavoe was a renowned Puerto Rican salsa singer who made his mark in the music industry. He was married twice and had two children from both of his marriages – one son named Hector Jr., and another daughter, Yara. Tragically, Hector passed away at the young age of 46 due to complications from AIDS-related illnesses.

Despite this heartbreaking loss, he left behind an impressive legacy that will always be remembered by generations to come.

How Many Kids Did Hector Lavoe Have?


Did Hector Lavoe Have Any Children?

Yes, Hector Lavoe had two daughters with his wife Puchi Roman. The first daughter was named Lauryn (born in 1975) and the second one was called Leslie Anne (born in 1981). Both of them were born in Puerto Rico, where Hector and Puchi lived for many years before moving to New York City.

Hector Lavoe’s children have both gone on to lead successful careers; Lauryn is a prominent singer-songwriter, producer and actress who won five Grammy awards for her 1998 album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Meanwhile, Leslie has followed a career as an attorney and often speaks out about her father’s legacy as one of salsa music’s most significant figures. In recent years they’ve also been heavily involved in preserving their father’s musical legacy through the work of the Hector Lavoe Foundation.

These initiatives are designed to promote Latin American culture through education and performance opportunities for young artists around the world.

Did Hector Lavoe Have a Daughter?

Yes, Hector Lavoe had a daughter named Leslie Ann. She was born in 1972 and is the only child of her late father, who died in 1993 due to complications from AIDS. Leslie Ann has had a difficult life after losing her beloved father at such an early age.

Despite the tragedy she suffered at such a young age, Leslie has been able to overcome so much adversity and heartache through her own strength and determination to honor her father’s legacy. As a result of these difficult circumstances, she has grown into an incredibly strong and resilient woman who is committed to continuing the musical legacy that made Hector Lavoe famous throughout Latin America. Her passion for music serves as an inspiration for many people around the world who also seek to continue their parents’ legacies despite any hardships they may have faced along their journey.

Does Hector Lavoe Have a Son?

Yes, Hector Lavoe had a son named Juan “Johnny” Pacheco. Johnny was born in 1968 and was raised by his mother while Hector pursued his career as a musician. As an adult, Johnny followed in his father’s footsteps and became a singer himself, performing songs written by Hector throughout the world.

He has also released several albums of his own compositions dedicated to continuing the legacy of salsa music created by his father. In addition to singing, Johnny has worked hard to ensure that people remember the impact that Hector Lavoe had on Latin American music culture for generations to come.

Did Hector Lavoe Have Siblings?

Yes, Hector Lavoe had four siblings. He was the youngest of five children born to his parents in Ponce, Puerto Rico. His eldest brother worked as a lawyer and one of his sisters was a doctor.

His other two siblings were involved in music like him; one played trumpet and the other sang boleros (a type of traditional Spanish love song). Growing up surrounded by music undoubtedly helped shape Hector’s passion for it, inspiring him to pursue a career as an acclaimed salsa singer and songwriter. It’s no surprise that he felt such strong family ties – after all, they created the musical foundation upon which he built his legacy!

Imitador de Héctor Lavoe Yo Soy Nueva Generación

Hector Lavoe Kids

Hector Lavoe Kids is a non-profit organization that was founded in memory of the legendary Puerto Rican salsa singer, Hector Lavoe. The mission of this organization is to provide music education and mentorship to children from low income communities who are interested in pursuing a career as a musician or artist. Through music workshops and other initiatives, they seek to promote social change by giving kids access to opportunities they may not otherwise have.

Additionally, they strive to create an environment where young people can express their creativity while also learning life skills such as teamwork, discipline and self-confidence.

How Did Hector Lavoe Son Die

Hector Lavoe’s son died in 1999 at the age of 21. His death was attributed to a drug overdose, although no official cause of death has been released. Hector Lavoe was deeply saddened by his son’s passing and made a point to speak out against drug use and addiction in public appearances after this tragedy.

Hector Lavoe Wife

Hector Lavoe was married to his wife Nilda Rosario from 1968 until his death in 1993. They had two children together, Hector and Sarah. Despite the fact that their marriage faced a lot of hardships due to Lavoe’s struggles with drug addiction, they remained committed to each other throughout their time together.

Nilda has since become an advocate for her late husband and continues to promote his legacy as one of salsa music’s most influential figures.

Hector Lavoe Family

Hector Lavoe was a famous Puerto Rican salsa singer and songwriter who had a large impact on the Latin music industry. He was married to Puchi Boulong, with whom he had two children: Hector Jr., born in 1966, and Tito, born in 1969. After his passing away in 1993 due to complications of AIDS, his family has continued to honor him through musical tributes and events that celebrate his legacy.


Hector Lavoe was a legendary Puerto Rican singer who is still remembered and honored today. From his life, we know that he had three children: Hector Jr., Wilfredo, and Yolanda. His sons followed in their father’s footsteps by entering the music industry as well, while his daughter became a fashion designer.

While there were certainly some difficulties in his personal life, including an addiction to drugs and alcohol, Hector Lavoe will be remembered for his incredible musical accomplishments and how he changed the Latin music landscape forever.