How Lovely To Be A Woman Lyrics?

How Lovely To Be A Woman Lyrics
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Lovely to be a woman, lovely to be a wife Lovely to have my children with me all of my life To feel the sun upon my face and share the love I find

My heart will sing whatever fate it brings, ’cause it’s so lovely to be a woman. Living in harmony with nature day by day Knowing that life is just another way of growing old and gray

Making every moment count as if there were no tomorrow Seeing beauty in all around me, joy and sorrow. Having strength enough for two when courage fails me through the night

Giving hope for others without any need for fight

The lyrics to the song “How Lovely To Be A Woman” by Mary Wells is an ode to womanhood. It celebrates all aspects of being a woman, from her beauty and strength, to her intelligence and courage. The upbeat melody brings out the joy in these words, making it a perfect anthem for female empowerment.

In this song, Mary Wells reminds us that being a woman should be something we’re proud of – no matter what life throws our way!

How Lovely To Be A Woman Lyrics?


Q1: Who Wrote the Song “How Lovely To Be A Woman”

The song “How Lovely To Be A Woman” was written by lyricist Alan Jay Lerner and composer Frederick Loewe.This popular song is part of the Broadway musical, Bye Bye Birdie which was released in 1960.The key points are:

• Written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe

Q2: What Musical is the Song from

The song is from the musical ‘Grease’. It was written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, and first performed in 1971. Its popularity has been sustained over the years, with a successful movie adaptation released in 1978.

The following are some of its most popular songs: • Summer Nights • Greased Lightnin’ • You’re The One That I Want • Hopelessly Devoted to You • We Go Together. Each one of these songs capture the essence of teenage romance during 1950s America and continues to be enjoyed today.

Q3: What are Some of the Lyrics to “How Lovely To Be A Woman”

“How Lovely To Be A Woman” is a classic song from the musical Bye Bye Birdie. Its lyrics are about celebrating womanhood and loving life as a female: * I’m so glad that I am livin’

* And so happy to be givin’ * The love of a lifetime, here and now * How lovely to be a woman!

The chorus encourages women to embrace their freedom and beauty: * ‘Cause when you’re free to do what you want, now don’t it feel nice? * You can paint your face or leave it plain, it’s all right!

In conclusion, “How Lovely To Be A Woman” celebrates being alive as an independent female. It is an inspiring reminder for everyone who identifies as a woman that they should make the most of every moment and appreciate their own unique gifts.

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How Lovely To Be A Woman

How Lovely to Be a Woman Sheet Music

The beloved song “How Lovely to Be a Woman” from the musical Bye Bye Birdie is an iconic show tune that has been immortalized in sheet music for generations. Composed by Charles Strouse and featuring lyrics by Lee Adams, this light-hearted number celebrates the joys of being female with its catchy melody and humorous lyrics. The sheet music includes both vocal parts as well as piano accompaniment, making it perfect for singing along or performing on stage.

Whether you’re a fan of classic musical theatre or just looking to add some fun to your next gathering, How Lovely To Be A Woman is sure to bring a smile!

How Lovely to Be a Woman Karaoke

Karaoke is a great way to have fun and let loose with friends, and singing along to classic songs like “How Lovely To Be A Woman” can be an especially enjoyable experience. Whether you’re belting out the lyrics in your living room or visiting a local karaoke bar, this song is sure to get everyone singing along – just make sure you practice beforehand so you can hit all those high notes!

One Boy Lyrics

The powerful and emotive song ‘One Boy’ by the indie rock band The Head and the Heart centers around a difficult breakup, with lyrics that range from bittersweet nostalgia to angst-filled regret. Written by frontman Jonathan Russell, it is an honest portrayal of the pain of parting ways with someone you once loved deeply. With its heartfelt message and lush instrumentation, ‘One Boy’ has become a fan favorite among listeners looking for music that can relate to their own struggles in life and love.

How Lovely to Be a Woman Bye Bye Birdie Musical

The musical Bye Bye Birdie is an iconic piece of American theatre that tells the story of a rock and roll singer, Conrad Birdie, who is drafted into the army. One of its most beloved songs is “How Lovely to Be a Woman,” which follows teenage girl Kim as she navigates her way through adolescence and discovers what it truly means to be herself. This message rings true even today, continuing to inspire young women everywhere.


In conclusion, the song “How Lovely To Be A Woman” is a beautiful ode to female empowerment and strength. It speaks of the many challenges women have faced throughout history, as well as their resilience in overcoming them. The lyrics are both uplifting and inspiring for any woman who needs a reminder of her worth.

This timeless classic is sure to bring joy and hope to all who listen!