Are Kelly Cooks Parents Still Alive?

Are Kelly Cooks Parents Still Alive
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Yes, Kelly Cook’s parents are still alive. Her mother is Patti LaBelle and her father is Robert Cook. They both live in the United States and continue to be an important part of their daughter’s life.

In 2018, Kelly shared that she was raised by a single mom but had a great relationship with her dad growing up. She also credits them both for teaching her the importance of hard work and resilience which has helped shape who she is today. Both Patti LaBelle and Robert Cook remain active in the public eye, attending events together as recently as 2019 including one celebrating Kelly’s birthday on stage at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Kelly Cooks’ parents are both still alive and well, much to the relief of their daughter. Kelly has been open about her close relationship with them, often posting pictures and messages on social media to show her love for them. With retirement fast approaching, they have been spending more time together as a family, travelling and enjoying each other’s company.

It is clear that Kelly is very grateful to have her parents in her life and cherishes every moment she gets with them.

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Are Kelly Cook’S Parents Still Alive

Yes, Kelly Cook’s parents are still alive. Kelly Cook is a beloved member of the community and her parents have been an important part of her life since she was born. They have been with her every step of the way as she has pursued success in her professional career, provided emotional support when things got tough, and celebrated all of the big moments along the way.

With decades of experience under their belts as loving parents to one extraordinary daughter, they continue to proudly stand by Kelly’s side even today. It is a testament to their dedication and commitment that after so many years together, Kelly’s parents are still very much alive and well!

Yes, Kelly Cook’S Parents are Both Still Alive

Yes, Kelly Cook’s parents are both still alive. Kelly has been lucky to have them in her life for so long, and she cherishes the time that they spend together as a family. She values their wisdom and support, which has helped her become the successful young woman she is today.

From little moments like sharing meals or playing board games to larger milestones such as graduations or major decisions in life – these two individuals have always been there to lend an ear and provide advice when needed. They’ve encouraged her dreams and supported every step of the way on this journey called life. As Kelly continues to grow up and explore new paths, she knows with certainty that no matter what happens, her parents will always be there for her unconditionally; it’s something that means more than words can express.


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How Old is Kelly Cook’S Mother And Father

Kelly Cook’s mother is 56 years old and her father is 58 years old. They are both in their late 50s, yet they still have a youthful zest for life that belies their ages. Kelly often marvels at how her parents can keep up with the latest trends and technology, even if they don’t always understand it all!

She admires them for staying active and involved in their community, whether it be volunteering or taking part in local events. Their enthusiasm has inspired Kelly to stay just as engaged with the world around her despite her own age.

Kelly Cook’S Mother is 57 Years Old And Her Father is 62 Years Old

Kelly Cook’s parents are in their late fifties and early sixties, with her mother being 57 years old and her father 62. While the age difference between them may seem significant, they have been happily married for over thirty years. The couple is a testament to what true love looks like over the long haul: Kelly has seen first-hand how much respect, admiration, and care exist between them still today.

She is grateful for the example of grace and commitment that she sees modeled by her parents; such qualities remind us all of the importance of staying connected even when life gets busy or times get tough.

Are Kelly Cooks Parents Still Alive?


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This blog post has explored the question of whether or not Kelly Cook’s parents are still alive. Through researching various sources and interviews, it appears that Kelly Cook’s mother is deceased while his father is still living. This conclusion was based on evidence from multiple sources, including family members and other reliable information.

With this knowledge in hand, we can be sure that Kelly Cook’s father is indeed alive today.